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How to Find the Top Luxury Rehab Centers for You

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Addiction to both alcohol and drugs—including illicit and prescription drugs—continues to increase each year. According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there are 23.5 million American adults over the age of 18 with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. And, according to data, only 10% will ever get the treatment they need.

As our nation continues with uncertain times and an unknown future, stress rises and alongside it is the increase in the use of alcohol and drugs. For many, this is the only way known to ease the discomfort and quiet the mind. Now more than ever the need for effective addiction treatment programs is clear.

If you or someone you love is in need of substance abuse treatment for an alcohol or drug issue, it’s vital to find the right addiction treatment facility. Not all rehab centers are the same just as each person facing an addiction issue isn’t the same. What works for certain patients may not work for another. Today, many individuals want to find the top luxury rehab centers that will help them begin on the journey to sobriety.

When it comes to the top rehabilitation facilities, it’s important to understand what sets one rehab facility apart from the next. With nearly 15,000 facilities across the country, it can be overwhelming when you start to look. However, knowing what to look for at the top luxury rehab centers before you begin can make your time more effective.

Futures Recovery Healthcare is one of the top luxury rehab centers in the nation and is revered for not only our luxurious accommodations but also our excellence in clinical care.


While a comfy bed, tranquil and serene setting, and great meals are an important part of what to look for when it comes to finding the top luxury rehab facilities, it’s crucial that the clinical care and program offerings are exceptional too.

Evidence-based psychotherapy programs should be a must on your list of what to look for at the top luxury treatment centers. Each person who enters treatment is different and what they need during that period will also be diverse, however, there are some types of psychotherapy that have been proven to be effective in treating addiction. Be sure the top rehabilitation facilities you consider include:

  • Medically supervised detox and stabilization
  • Evidence-based psychotherapy programs that include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization reprogramming (EMDR).
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Exposure to support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, SMART, and more.

In addition, there are millions of patients who have a co-occurring substance or alcohol use disorder along with other mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Many times individuals know they have these co-occurring disorders and other times the use of the substance masks it. For this reason, it’s essential when comparing the top rehabilitation facilities to find the ones that offer treatment options for co-occurring conditions. Futures offers comprehensive care for the complex disease of addiction, including dual diagnosis treatment.


If feeling comfortable, relaxed, and reassured while focusing on your recovery is a priority, then a luxury rehabilitation center might be the right choice for you. These high-end facilities ensure that all their guests are well looked after and fully supported during their healing process and well adjusted after their stay. Each patient is treated with the utmost care, while their individual needs are always at the forefront of their treatment. High-end rehab facilities also create an environment that helps patients protect their privacy. The staff to patient ratio at these high-end facilities ensures that all patients receive the highest level of individualized care to help them through their recovery process.

The highly skilled addiction specialists, therapists, medical staff, and other members of staff employed by these high-end facilities guarantee that all patients receive the highest quality of care, treatment, and resources throughout their stay. So if you are interested in receiving all the benefits mentioned above while enjoying the stunning and breathtaking backdrops of mountains, beaches, or maybe even the countryside, then luxury rehab is the right choice for you.


Seeking help for an alcohol or substance use disorder can be daunting. Not only are you faced with leaving behind something that has helped you ‘cope’ you also are considering leaving home and all that you know to get help. Being sure that some of the comforts that you are accustomed to are present at the rehabilitation facilities you consider are important.

Desired amenities vary from one person to the next, however, there are some basic amenities to consider at the top rehabilitation facilities you find. These include:

  • A campus that allows for room to move around and enjoy the natural beauties of the world
  • Suite-style accommodations that include private bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Healthy and delicious meals prepared by an expert, caring, and experienced chef
  • Alternative treatment programs like art therapy, yoga, meditation, music therapy
  • Fitness center and physical therapists

When it comes to selecting a quality addiction treatment from the top rehab facilities, it’s also vital to include any programs or amenities specific to your own unique needs. From concierge services to a nine-acre all-inclusive campus, Futures Recovery Healthcare is a top luxury rehab center choice for people across the globe.

If you or someone you love is seeking help for an AUD or SUD at one of the top luxury rehab centers with proven success, contact Futures today.

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