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Online Business Mastery Marketing Course and Mentor Program

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If you have downloaded my free PDF report “Ten Mistakes”, you’ll know that one of the biggest mistakes you can make in starting an online business is either not having a mentor or failing to find the right mentor.

And, the mentor you choose is a very personal thing. It has to be right for you.

Of course, one thing I should have added into that report is that, having got a mentor you need to take proper direction from your mentor and also take action!

But, finding the right mentor for you is not as easy as perhaps it sounds.

My Online Business Mentoring Story

I am mentored by Paul O’Mahony in his Online Business Mastery program and coaching staff. However, it’s a long story as to how I came to be mentored by Paul. Here are some testimonials from some of my new friends who are also in Paul’s Online Business Mentor Group


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So, I thought you might benefit if I told you the story of how I came to join Paul’s mentor and Mastermind program – Online Business Mastery.

Let me first take a step back. Starting an online marketing business is tough. Now the reason I believe this, is that there are just so many ways you can go about building an Internet Marketing business.

Yes, everyone wants that digital nomad, beach “Internet Lifestyle” thing.

Most people know they want to spend more time…

  • On holiday
  • With the family
  • Eating in top restaurants
  • Seeing the best shows
  • Going to major sporting events
  • Travelling to exotic places

What’s Your “Burn”?

Whatever it is that gives you the “burn”. You need to have something that will motivate you to take the massive action. And you do need to do this in order to build a successful digital marketing business.

But, if you do, and you get it right, the rewards are fantastic.

Last year I spent 4 months in Spain, went to see The Ashes cricket in Australia for 5 weeks and did a cruise to Alaska. If I had a “normal” job, I would not have been able to do that. If not for the sake of the money, for the time I needed off.

This is what the digital nomad lifestyle is all about. And, of course, those motivating factors will be personal to you.

online business mentorHere I am just having signed up for Online Business Mastery

The Online Business Failure Rate

The sad fact of life is, that less than 2% of people who start an online business actually make ANY money. That’s ANY money, not just enough to support this type of lifestyle.

This sort of background information is important. I know it’s distracted from the story slightly, but you do need to be aware of this.

After my wife passed away suddenly, I took a big step back from my SEO business. In my story I give you all the nasty details, but essentially, I sacked most of my customers. I was grieving – badly. I didn’t want to have to spend all of my time working. So, I cut the business down to the bone. I needed time to recover.

Residual Income Online Marketing Business

When I felt it was time to “go back to work”, I made a quality decision that I wanted more of a residual income model and less client focused services style business.

I love the clients I retained, they have supported me superbly and I’m grateful for that. However, I wanted to become self-sufficient and not have to rely on the goodwill of customers for my online income.

Mission To Find My Online Marketing Mentor

So, I set out on a mission for find my online marketing mentor.

The first step in the process is to know what it is you want to achieve. My article on goal setting might help in this direction.

I was very specific, and you need to be too. The first and overriding factor was that my mentor had have done what I want to do with my digital marketing business.

Secondly, I must like their personal style.

Thirdly, I wanted to be in tune with their business and personal ethics.

Fourthly, I wanted to ensure I had contact with my mentor (or his or her coaches) whenever the need arose.

And finally, I had to pace with the way they taught. I like a little bit of humour in teachings. I think that helps the information sink in.

Filling In The Online Marketing Gaps

I knew that I already knew a lot about Internet Marketing, and how to make money online. However, if I was totally honest with myself, whilst I’d built a five figure per month SEO business, my success in wider Online Marketing had been sporadic at best.

There were some large’ish gaps in my knowledge and therefore my ability to make money online.

So, I wanted a program that was very structured and that I could use to “fill in the gaps” in my knowledge. But, I also wanted it to be turnkey, logical and progressive training if I needed it to be.

Sometimes there are issues, for example like Facebook advertising. In my humble opinion, you need to be taken by the hand through every little nook and cranny of the system. I’d tried FB ads previously and failed miserably with them, so I needed a ground up training in this area.

Other Areas Where I Needed Training

Also, I’d always struggled with list building.

On the flip side, some areas, like WP site build, SEO and YouTube, I was already very good with.

So, I knew exactly what I wanted from the online marketing training any mentor had to offer. I can’t stress enough how key it is that you know what you want to get from going in to a relationship with an online business mentor.

The Mentor Search Starts!

Now all I had to do was find the right mentor!

I think in all of these things you need a little bit of luck every now and then. I was following Andrew Reynold’s Cash on Demand as I wanted fast products for an online project I was building and that seemed a good place to find them.

One day a letter arrived from Andrew and he was putting on his last ever Digital Nomad Live weekend.

Now, I am a big fan of Andrew’s and he has sold over £50million worth of products over a twenty-year career in product development…and he only took his business online 2-3 years ago.

Search Phase One

Anyway,  he was having this “Bootcamp”, however, I was away at the time, so, as I had his personal email address…I sent him a quick email.

Now, don’t think you can’t do this because you haven’t got someone’s email address. Having it simply saved me some time. I would have found it online somewhere if I’d needed to. (A few simple Google search strings should do the trick).

I told him I was away in Spain for the dates but could he make sure I was on the list for the recordings as soon as they were available. So, I wasn’t really asking for anything because I knew Andrew would charge for them anyway.

On the Monday morning, I duly got an email asking me to buy the recordings. This I did, so I then had three days of internet marketing gurus to watch as they strutted their stuff.

Andrew’s Digital Nomad Invite ?

What I will say is that these weekend Bootcamps are what is affectionately known in digital marketing circles as “pitch fests”.

You know the Guru concerned will give away a few nuggets of information, but you need to go to their weekend Bootcamps to get more – the full information, if you like.

I knew this, of course. My strategy will become clear soon.

Having watched and inwardly digested three days of video presentations, I whittled it down to who I thought were the best five Online marketers.

My final list included:-

  • Shaa Wasmund
  • Paul O’Mahony
  • Shawn Casey
  • Steven Essa
  • Simon Coulson

Time To Get Watching

I watched all of their presentations again and after lengthy deliberation I decided my two favourites were Paul O’Mahony and Steven Essa.

Now, there was quite a lot of science behind this decision, but I’ll keep this short. Here are the main factors behind my choices at this stage.

I decided to go with Steven Essa for four reasons.

His training was all about Webinars and I knew they were a great way to sell.

online marketing mentorHis package offered a weekend training on how to build and structure webinars.

You also received a webinar storage platform that allowed you to save recordings and use again and again for recurrring webinars.

There was also some basic Social Media training given by his wife Corrine (I built my social media marketing plan from this and it has proven highly effective).

As it turned out his Money On Demand workshop was good. The webinar training was very good, and he made us laugh an awful lot. It was reasonably priced at £1,497

You Can Get On The Program By Clicking Here

Why Paul As My Online Business Mentor?

With Paul, my reasons were very different, and in truth I can’t quite put my finger on all of the reasons I went with Paul in the end.

I liked his vision and the way he spoke. He spoke about educating our children in the way that money works, teaching them HOW to become wealthy. That blew me away. He talked about a kids program he was building which starts with a book called “I Need Money” and leads into a full program of financial education  for our children and teens.

You Can Read About The Program HERE

money education for kidsHe also seemed to be able to back up everything he said with facts or practical examples of how he’d actually done what he was showing. That is something I really liked. Here was a person showing me how he’d actually made money online and the digital marketing techniques he’d used.

He’s also made £31 million online from a combination of products and affiliate marketing. That was where I wanted to go.

Pauls’ program was not cheap!

He does a free introductory webinar which you can watch here. It’s a great introduction to his style. If you sign up for my “Ten Mistakes” free PDF report, you’ll also get signed up for this webinar, so you might as well have both ?


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So, the plan was always to go to both of the weekend training sessions with Steven and Paul and then get in to the Mastermind group of who I thought was best.

This is what I found.

If you just want to know about webinars, Steven is your man.

However, if you want a turnkey system for setting up and running a profitable online business, Paul wins hands down every day of the week.

Now, having made such a bold statement I really should back that up for you, shouldn’t I?

Online Marketing Business Training

Paul’s Online Business Mastery and Social Media VIP comes in three levels and provides everything you need to start and run a successful online marketing business.

From Social Media, to Video Marketing through Pay Per Click ads on Facebook to everything you need to know about building effective landing pages. He also goes in to great detail on how to find your target market which was something totally new to me.

This was one of the key areas where my skills were (I now know) non-existent. The way he teaches you to assess and then define your target market for your online business is nothing short of genius.

I had tried Facebook and Google Ads before. All that happened was I spent a load of money and got very few leads and sold nothing!

The depth of the coverage on this one subject alone has saved me thousands in being able to target my ads properly. My CPC and CPL are far lower than I had ever managed before.

However, it was the proper defining of the right avatar for my target market that transformed my metrics

Opt In Rates Are Incredible

Building effective landing pages has sent my opt in rates through the roof. See my astonishing case study on this by clicking HERE

Finally, I am talking to the right people, in the right way, and guess what? I’m making those elusive sales that I just couldn’t seem to pin down previously.

One thing does have to be said here. This is not a cheap way to go about getting the right information to start or build your online business. But, I go back to the first point I made…if you want to succeed in Internet Marketing, find someone who has done what you want to do and model them. Even better get mentored by them.

Again, it’s not cheap to do this. However, what price can you put on failure?

online marketing mentorHere’s Me Working With Coach Marcin Marczak

The Right Online Marketing Mentor

Knowing what I know now, I wish I’d gone through this process much sooner. It is the best shortcut to get to the online money. I know, I can hear you saying “it’s easy for you, you’re doing this”.

The hard fact is, until I hired Paul as my mentor, I wasn’t really.

Yes, I had a very profitable SEO business, but I scaled it right back because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. I was having sporadic success with affiliate marketing and product development, but it was not consistent in any way.

So, for me, finding the right mentor has changed my online business into something very different.

My Online Business Now Has A Purpose

It now has a purpose and effective strategy.

I know whare think social mediat I am doing at every stage of the process, and I understand how to build every stage of the process. Paul uses a model called “RETHINK” and it makes understanding the online business process very easy.

Once you understand that process, you simply fit the building blocks together and, provided you have followed the rules and implemented correctly…you make money!

Now, you can buy Paul’s book “Re-Think Social Media” and that gives you the building blocks. You would need to be familiar with the book before getting on the mentor program.

re think Internet BusinessHere’s The Re-Think Model

The Online Business Mastery Model

You could just buy the online version of Online Business Mastery (You get a free 90 Minute webinar at this link anyway, so you might as well watch it ? ) and it is more than likely it would work for you even if you are starting from scratch.

However, I still come back to the point. Getting that personal mentoring from Paul and his highly skilled coaching staff is what has pushed me through most of the barriers.

That, of course, is a very easy thing to say. So, I’d better qualify why I say that.


If you’re like me, you come to a grinding halt if you hit a roadblock.

To give you an example, I was at the training day last month and working with Paul and the coaches to get my first Facebook ads out there. I kept getting knocked back by FB and the ads disallowed.

Now, had I been on my own, I’m sure after attempt 2 or 3 I would have just given up.

But…I ended up with Paul and two of the coaches analyzing my ads in fine detail and finding the problem. What is that worth? To have three Internet Marketing experts pouring over MY ads. Analysing them and working out the problem! As soon as I’d put that right…hey presto the ad was published and went live.

That ad is now making me money!

What Is This Online Marketing Training Worth?

I really can’t quantify how much that one to one mentoring was worth to me? Thousands probably, plus the time I would have lost and the possibility I might NEVER have got that ad right.

And, this is a prime example of one major way in which having the right mentor can push your business forward.

It’s seriously tough trying to do this on your own. Seriously tough.

Having that support from your mentor and the coaching and peer groups is worth far more than you’ll ever pay out to get on a mentor or mastermind program like Paul’s

digital marketing trainingHere I Am Recording A Video With Paul – This Was So Much Fun

Paul O’Mahony Online Marketing Mentor – Recommended? Oh YES!

So, I highly recommend you, as a starting point get on Paul’s initial free webinar training. And, if you are looking to build a profitable online business, consider the weekend bootcamp and move on to the Mastermind mentoring group.

online business mentor

You will be so glad you did ?

Finally – Some Online Marketing Mentor Insights

Originally posted on YouTube by derekarmsononline


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