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How to Choose the Best Pain Management Doctors for You

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2020 CDC study shows that nearly 21% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Not only that, but the same study revealed nearly 8% of Americans’ lives or work are impacted by their pain.

Are you one of these many Americans suffering from chronic pain? Whether your pain is from aging, sports injuries, or an unknown cause, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

You have options. Working with the best pain management doctors near you offers you a true solution.

Pain management is a specialization in the medical field. Pain management doctors are trained to help you find the source of your pain. They will help you treat the pain as well as any underlying causes when they work with you.

You can learn to manage your pain beyond quick fixes, medication, or surgeries. Expert pain management doctors will use multiple methods to manage your pain.

Curious about how to pick the best pain management doctors for your complaints? There are a few steps you can take to make sure you find the perfect match. Read on to find out what to look for when you’re choosing a doctor.

Consult Your Network

When you’re dealing with pain, life can feel dull and colorless. Pain takes up energy that you’d rather use for exercise, spending time with loved ones, and work. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can give yourself a new lease on life when you work with experienced professionals. When you’re living with pain, you may feel overwhelmed. As a result, it’s easy to put off choosing a pain management doctor near you.

But when you do, you’ll see big changes in your life. When you’re picking your pain management doctor, it helps to consult with your network.

Ask a doctor you trust for their recommendations. Depending on the cause of your pain, they may refer you to different professionals.

You may benefit from visiting a pain management clinic with multiple practitioners. There you can meet with a pain management physician. But you may also have other treatment options.

Also, ask your friends. If you’re suffering from sports-related injuries, ask gym buddies for their recommendations.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve found a few doctors to check out, you’ll want to research their qualifications. Read reviews online to see what people are saying about working with them. You can also check out their qualifications.

They may have certain areas of expertise or have additional holistic training. The American Board of Anesthesiology offers a pain management certification.

You can check their database to see if your doctor has a pain management certification. If you want someone specialized in advanced pain management, check through their database.

It does not matter if the pain is brand new or you’ve been living despite it for years. Many Americans are stoic and think they need to grin and bear it when they deal with pain.

You can find the right doctor for you and begin to make small yet profound changes. Over time, you’ll find big changes in how you feel. That’s why it’s so vital you work with the right doctor for you.

Get Specific About Your Needs

Before working with pain management doctors, get clear on what you hope to change. If you’re dealing with a mystery pain, you’ll want to find out the source and causes.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain from sports injuries you will need a specialist. If you have acute pain due to a work injury or fall, your needs will be different.

Ask your potential doctors about their areas of experience. If you have a specific diagnosis, check with them if they’re familiar. You can also look into what kind of approach they take depending on your needs.

You have options beyond surgery and opioids. An experienced pain management clinic will look at you holistically. They’ll offer different therapies.

These may include a range of approaches such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Mind-body therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Mindfulness training

You have options to manage your pain. With the right doctors, you’ll be sure they’re treating you as an individual. You will never be just a statistic when working with pain management doctors.

Meet on Your Terms

Have a think before you choose a pain management doctor about how you want things to work. Do you want to have telehealth meeting options? If your mobility is compromised, you can check with your clinic to see what they offer.

Another thing to look out for is how many offices they have. You’ll want to find a location near you, so it’s helpful to see if they have multiple offices.

You’ll also want to speak with the clinic about your insurance. If you are uninsured or have limited coverage, you’ll want to find out your options. An experienced clinic will discuss insurance coverage and billing with you.

Work With the Best Pain Management Doctors

Choosing the best pain management doctors doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Using your network and referrals you can find the right doctor for you.

Once you research, you can ask the doctor about their experience and approach. After you make sure working together is on your terms, you’ll be on the way to recovery.

Ready to make changes and alleviate your pain? At AZ Pain Doctors, we’re here to support you.

From sports injuries to aging pain, our experienced doctors are ready to work with you. Schedule your first appointment with us today!

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