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How to Avoid Common Print Marketing Mistakes

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82% of consumers trust print ads more than other types of ads when they need to make a purchase decision. Print marketing is still necessary for many businesses and provides many benefits for business owners.

However, it is easy to make mistakes when printing your marketing materials. Do you want to learn more about common print marketing mistakes and how you can avoid making them in your marketing campaigns?

Keep reading this guide to print marketing 101 for everything you need to know about print marketing for businesses.

Printing the Wrong Color

Picking the wrong color for your marketing materials is one of the most common mistakes in print marketing that you can make.

Colors will often look different on a computer screen vs when they are printed out. This is because computer screens use a different method to show color. Computers use RGB color schemes while printed materials use CMYK color schemes.

To ensure that the color on your screen matches the color that will print, you need to convert your digital file to show CMYK colors.

When you are printing materials for your business, you should also always do a test run before printing an entire batch. This way, you can make sure your materials look perfect and you will not waste as much material or money.

Using Stock Images

Another common mistake that businesses make when creating marketing materials is using stock images. While you may not want to pay to get professional photos taken of your business or products, it is important that you avoid using generic images.

This is because many businesses will reuse the same stock images. To stand out and to make your brand seem higher quality, you should use images that are unique to your brand.

It is also important that you use high-quality editing techniques for your photos. This will ensure that the final image quality is professional and engaging.

Not Including a Print Bleed

One technical element that you cannot forget when designing print marketing materials is a print bleed. The bleed of your design is extra space added to your image or background color. It allows you to run your design to the edge of a page.

This way, you will not have to trim down your designs after they are printed. It will also prevent your designs from being cut short.

If you forget to add a print bleed, you may find that there is a white border along the edge of your marketing material. While this may not be a significant issue to you, it will not look as professional as designs that include a print bleed.

Using the Wrong Materials

When you print out materials for your business, you may not know how many material options there are for you to print on. If you choose the wrong materials for your printing needs, you may find that your designs will not print as clearly.

For example, you may find that your logo looks great when you print them on glossy business cards. However, if you print your logo on a different material, the color may turn out differently.

Some things you need to consider when selecting your materials are the color of the stock, the types of ink you are using, and even the coatings on your printing materials.

Having matching materials will ensure that everything prints properly and has the same final result.

Choosing the Wrong Image Formats

There are many different ways that you can save an image to your computer. These include .png and .jpg. Depending on the way you save your images, they will show up differently when you print.

If you select the wrong image formats for your marketing materials, you will find that you have low-quality images that look pixelated and are not clear. Instead, you need to save your images in a high-resolution image format.

Similar to choosing colors for your marketing materials, you should always print a test copy of your designs to see how the images show up once they have been printed.

Forgetting to Proofread

Forgetting to proofread your marketing materials is a serious mistake that could ruin your entire design. The longer that you spend working on a design, the less likely you are to notice small mistakes and errors, even if you carefully proofread.

Not only do you need to check your copy before going to print, but you should also have several other people look over your designs before printing.

This way, you can avoid simple mistakes in your business marketing materials. Plus, it will show your customers that you pay attention to even the smallest details.

Not Using a Professional Printing Service

Finally, not using a professional printing service will significantly impact the final quality of your print marketing materials. Whether you are printing business cards, labels, or anything else for your business, you should always work with a professional printing service.

They will give you much higher-quality results than you could get printing your materials on your own. You will also have access to different printing materials, inks, and equipment.

You should always work with printing specialists to ensure that your final results are professional and high-quality.

Need Help Creating Print Marketing Materials?

When you are creating print marketing materials for your business, there are many common mistakes that could impact the final quality of your marketing materials. Learning more about each of these mistakes and how to avoid them will ensure that your final products look professional!

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