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How Much Is SR-22 Insurance? Choosing an Affordable Plan

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Drunk driving is an ongoing problem in the United States where, if caught, the state can issue you a DUI. Research finds that having a DUI on your record can increase your insurance premiums by an average of 67%.

If you haven’t received tickets, been in accidents, or been sighted as a reckless driver, you likely won’t need SR 22 insurance. However, if a law official issues you a DUI, you may need to file an SR 22 form to get your license back. But what if you don’t yet have an SR 22 policy?

If you’re asking questions such as, “how much is SR 22 insurance?” then keep reading. We’re explaining what SR 22 insurance is, the costs involved, how to get an SR 22 insurance policy, and more.

What Is SR 22 Insurance?

SR 22 insurance is not a type of insurance but serves as a confirmation that your auto insurance policy meets the liability coverage required by your state. It’s mandated for some drivers, often through a court order after a driving offense that leads to a temporary license suspension.

This form can also be called a “certificate of financial responsibility or SR 22 Bond. Typically if you’ve had a driving offense and have been to court, you’ll be told during your hearing whether or not you need to file an SR 22 form. Otherwise, it can also be state-issued, whereby you’ll receive your notification via mail.

SR 22 vs. FR 44

An SR 22 is not to be confused with a FR 44. Like an SR 22, it confirms the insurance coverage meets state requirements for the driver; however, the minimum requirements are typically higher than an SR 22 form. A FR 44 is only required in Florida and Virginia.

Who Needs an SR 22?

Not every driver requires an SR 22 insurance policy, so it’s wise to check your state’s statutes. There are several instances where you could be required to submit an SR 22 form, including if:

  • You’re being issued with or convicted of a DUI or DWI

  • You’re driving without the minimum insurance

  • You’ve been sighted as a reckless driver

  • You’ve been involved in too many at-fault accidents

  • You’ve received too many offenses within a predetermined time

How Much Does SR 22 Insurance Cost?

Costs for SR 22 insurance can vary by state and the insurance company. When filing an SR 22 form, there may be a flat fee; however, in some states, a surcharge will apply. The filing fee also applies to other family members on your insurance policy.

If you’re working through an insurance agent, the insurance company may include the filing fee in their package costs, so enquire before making a payment.

It’s essential to note that some insurance companies will increase your monthly premiums if they are aware of your SR 22 policy. This is because you’re considered a higher risk than other drivers who don’t require this policy.

How to Get SR 22 Insurance

Some insurance companies offer a service for SR 22 filings, so the first step is to check with them. If your insurance doesn’t provide something like this, you’ll need to purchase it elsewhere. Here are the steps we recommend:

Step 1: Register Online

If you’re not registered with, you will need to visit our site to register. You’ll begin by listing your state and selecting which package you need.

We have a standard SR 22 insurance policy and a non-owner SR 22 insurance. Next, fill in personal details like your full name and a contact number. We will send your SR 22 rates to you via text.

Step 2: Contact a Consultant

Once registered, you can contact us at 855-772-2728 to walk you through the rest of the steps. Our agents are fully trained to help you get the coverage you need.

Our consultants can help in the following ways:

  • By attaching your SR 22 to a new auto insurance policy from

  • By filing your SR 22 separately from your active auto insurance

  • By issuing an out-of-state SR 22

  • By filing a non-owners SR 22 if you don’t own a vehicle

Types of SR 22 Insurance

When you purchase SR 22 insurance through us, we have two packages we can offer you: a standard SR 22 auto insurance policy and non-owner SR 22 insurance. Since we’ve already covered what an SR 22 is, let’s look at non-owner SR 22 insurance.

Non-Owner SR 22 Insurance

Officials can suspend your driving license if you’re convicted of a driving offense, even if you don’t own a car. If you drive someone else’s car occasionally and the court asks that you file an SR 22 form, you can file for non-owner SR 22 insurance.

The state can require this if you’re driving someone else’s vehicle outside your household. Like a regular SR 22, a non-owner SR 22 indicates proof of minimum insurance requirements by your state.

You also have the option for an out-of-state SR 22, which we can assist with.

SR 22 Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have some questions. Below, we’ve curated some of the most frequently asked questions.

Should I Buy an SR 22 Insurance Policy?

If you haven’t received tickets or been involved in an accident, you don’t need to pursue an SR 22 insurance quote.

How Long Is an SR 22 Valid?

Your SR 22 is valid for typically up to three years, but confirm with your local DMV.

What Happens if I Stop Paying?

If your policy stops receiving payments from you, your policy could be canceled by your insurance company.

How Do I Know When I’m Allowed to Drive Again?

Your SR 22 should become active on the day it’s filed, but check with your local DMV to be sure.

Never Ask How Much Is SR 22 Insurance Again

The state can consider you a high-risk driver for several reasons, such as receiving a DUI or being convicted of one or many traffic violations. Knowing how to deal with it ahead of time can save you time and money. If it feels overwhelming for you to handle on your own, contacting a company that can help can simplify the process and potentially get better rates.

If you’re still unsure and asking, “how much is SR 22 insurance?” then apply online or contact us telephonically today. We have experts waiting to get you the cheap SR 22 insurance today.

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