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How Much CBD Should I Take? A Helpful Dosage Guide

Migraines, muscle aches, and nervousness, all inconvenient conditions, yet, they impact around 50% of Americans.

If you find yourself experiencing pain often or your anxiety is running rampant, you may have a solution that doesn’t require popping pills.

This is where CBD oil comes in! CBD oil may be an excellent option for managing the conditions that plague you.

While CBD oil is becoming more popular, many of us wonder, “how much CBD should I take?” Well, worry no more!

Keep reading to learn the benefits of CBD oil, as well as how to determine your dosage.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is one of the 60 active compounds found in a cannabis plant.

There is no THC in CBD oil so you won’t get “high” from it, yet, there are many positive side effects of using CBD oil.

While there’s still a lot about CBD that we don’t quite know or understand, it has been proven to help with common ailments. These ailments include…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Heart issues
  • IBD
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures

While CBD does offer a host of benefits, it’s important to take the right dosage. If you take too little or too much CBD oil, you won’t fully reap the benefits.

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How Much CBD Should I Take?

There are many things that factor into your dosage of CBD oil.

Your dosage is impacted by…

  • Your size and weight
  • What condition you’re trying to treat
  • What you’re taking CBD in the form of (gummy, oil drops, capsule)
  • Your own reactions to medication

There’s definitely no “one size fits all” dosage guide when taking CBD oil. To help make the most educated guess, it would be wise to talk to your doctor about taking CBD oil.

If you don’t want to see your doctor, or if your doctor doesn’t give you a recommendation, start small. Start off taking the smallest dosage that you can, which is around 20 or 40 mg every day.

As you begin feeling more comfortable with the CBD oil, you can begin increasing it each week. Increase it very gradually, by no more than 5 mg each week. Keep increasing the dosage weekly until you feel that the CBD oil is benefiting your condition.

How to Calculate the Concentration of CBD Oil

Gummies, capsules, and oil droppers all have different concentrations of CBD oil.

These forms of CBD oil often have instructions telling you how much to take. Bottles of CBD oil sometimes don’t give you a serving size, they just give a number for the entire package. 

If this is the case, you may need to do some math to find your desired dose. 

For example, if the bottle is 1,000 mg, then you have around 200 drops, each holding 5 mg of CBD. So, you’ll need to take around 4 drops starting out.

Is CBD Right for You?

CBD offers tons of benefits if you’re experiencing pain or another ailment that disrupts your daily life.

Now that you’re not wondering “how much CBD should I take?” and you know the benefits, why wait to explore CBD?

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