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How Long Does Percocet Withdrawal Last?

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When a person suffers from an addiction to prescription painkillers like Percocet, they may have many important questions about the recovery process. However, what is Percocet? Furthermore, how long does Percocet withdrawal last?

Understanding Percocet Withdrawal

Percocet is an opioid pain-relieving medication that is available by prescription only. Since Percocet affects specific areas of the brain, long-term use can lead to a serious addiction. When this occurs, withdrawal symptoms are common if a person goes too long between doses or stops using altogether. How long does Percocet withdrawal last? The length of this process will vary depending on the severity of your addiction, the symptoms you are experiencing, and the tools at your disposal to help correct these issues.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people ask, “How long does Percocet withdrawal last?” What they often want to know is what to expect in terms of symptoms. The following is a list of common Percocet withdrawal symptoms:


Since Percocet affects the brain in a powerful way, a person may experience restless energy when reducing or stopping the medication. This can lead to a temporary increase in nervous tension or anxiety attacks.

Gastrointestinal Issues

A person who is going through withdrawal may struggle with nausea, vomiting, or stomach cramps. These symptoms can reduce a person’s appetite and cause them to lose weight temporarily.

Muscle and Joint Pain

Reducing or stopping the use of Percocet can lead to an increase in pain. Successful rehab facilities can provide alternative measures to deal with painful sensations.

Mood Swings

Those going through withdrawal can also experience huge shifts in mood. They may find themselves alternating between periods of intense sadness, anxiety, anger, or fear. Emotions will continue to level out as the person gets used to no longer taking the medication on a regular basis.

Helpful Treatment Options for a Percocet Addiction

When asking how long does Percocet withdrawal last, it is also important to realize there are many successful treatment methods available. The following list discusses some of the options that may be used to help you overcome your addiction:


Intensive counseling is often the first task that is undertaken to help treat addiction issues. It can take place on a personal basis, with family members, or among a group of peers who face the same challenges. This type of therapy can give you the freedom to talk about your issues without judgment.

Family Interventions

The whole family suffers when someone in the home struggles with addiction. Therefore, the entire family needs access to proper therapeutic tools. Family therapies can provide the perfect setting to work out your interpersonal issues with success.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you change the way you think. Specifically, negative thought patterns can be turned into positive thoughts that create positive actions.

Find Help for Your Percocet Addiction

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