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How Learning Guitar Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Finding ways to maintain your mental health has never been more important. With fewer avenues to relieve the tension that builds up inside, you have to get creative, and there’s nothing more innovative than playing an instrument. Of course, there are tonnes to choose from, so picking one can be difficult.

As well as opting for the equipment that suits your lifestyle best, you should also think about the specific mental health benefits that a guitar tutor will bring to the table. If you don’t know what they are, here are four reasons why you should pick the guitar over the rest.


#1: It’s a Form of Stress-Relief

The key is to relieve the tension in your body so that it doesn’t boil over and escalate out of control. This is tough during a pandemic as your options are limited. However, a guitar is always handy and can be played anywhere at any time. More importantly, the tunes and melodies that you strum impact your mood. For example, studies show that upbeat music can make you feel more optimistic, while slower tempos encourage the muscles to relax. All you need to do is switch between the patterns based on how you feel.


#2: A Guitar Boosts Creativity

A guitar can help you get into the zone creatively. Once you are immersed in playing, your creative juices will flow, and you can transfer them to other areas of your life very easily. Not only does this help you with work and your personal life, but it also targets your wellbeing. How? It’s because a report from the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing highlights how people with a creative hobby recover from issues faster and lead longer-lasting lives. All instruments are creative, but a guitar is especially so as you can change between playing covers and curating your own tracks.


#3: Playing Improves Grey Matter Levels

Grey matter is the substance in your brain that keeps your mind healthy. Without it, there’s a greater chance of contracting a mental health illness, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. The key is to maintain the levels you already have while creating more grey matter, and guitar teaching can be the answer. According to National Geographic, the increase in grey matter cells, especially in children, is shown to lead to an enhanced defense against memory loss and less cognitive decline. This is down to the fact that playing the guitar also strengthens the volume of grey matter already in your brain.


#4: It Solidifies Your Support Group

When you’re feeling down, there is nothing worse than being alone. Being alone leads to loneliness, and this emotion is potentially catastrophic. What you require is a support bubble that can show you the personality traits that you can’t see. As a musician, you’re bound to have a core group of people that you jam with regularly. As a guitarist, this is heightened since you can play it acoustic without any fancy equipment.


If you’re thinking about hiring a guitar tutor to teach you the basics, you should bear in the mind the effects guitar teaching can have on your mental health.

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