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How can you utilize a QR code scanner in a web app?

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What is a QR Code (Quick Response)?

A QR code is a form of barcode that encodes data as a square-shaped grid of pixels that any digital device can read. QR codes are frequently used in marketing and advertising to track product information across a supply chain and can accommodate four different types of data: alphabetic, numeric, binary, and Kanji.

What is the real function of QR codes?

Smartphone users can quickly access URLs, product brochures, mobile applications, and associated information by scanning a QR code with a camera app. This eliminates the need to enter the relevant information. Various sectors profit from QR code marketing. Social media promotion, virtual shopping, and non-contact product sales are all common QR code applications.

QR codes give you the ability to direct your visitors to valuable web material for your marketing efforts. Make it easy for your customers to redeem coupons, expand your social media reach, and quickly find and install your apps.

What Is the Purpose of a QR Code Scanner?

An optical scanner that can read QR codes is known as a QR code scanner. Most tablets and smartphones have QR code scanners built into their cameras. That means you’ll probably be able to use your camera to read and analyze QR codes.

QR Codes on Websites Have a Lot of Benefits

The QR Code approach is all about saving your visitors time and effort by eliminating the need to enter information and search the wide web globe manually. It seems dramatic, but it’s all about streamlining from offline to online and between online platforms.

Thanks to barcodes and QR codes, the shopping and searching experiences have been enhanced. Customers may now pick up a product anywhere on the planet, scan its barcode or QR code with one of the many free phone apps, and find out the best price and where to buy it.

How to use a QR code scanner in a web app?

If you’re promoting a new app, wouldn’t it be easier to advertise and download it if you could link to numerous shops from one location? With only one scan of an App Shop QR Code, visitors may be taken to any store, whether it’s the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore. Maybe you have a podcast or audio file you’d like to contribute. Allow MP3 QR Code to assist you by creating a custom button that connects to iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, or any other URL you specify.

Similarly, utilizing the PDF QR Code to give mobile-friendly content that is useful on the go, such as trip guides or instruction manuals. Users can store papers directly to their smartphones, allowing them to access information on the go whenever they need it.


Above are the advantages of using a QR code scanner for your web application. QR codes are presently helping to restore a variety of businesses, with hospitality being one of the largest benefits.

If you have any questions regarding adding QR codes to your web or mobile application, contact one of our NCN experts.

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