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How 3D Rendering Can Significantly Boost Your Real Estate Sales

In 2018 alone, over five million existing homes were sold in the U.S. Hundreds of thousands of newly built homes also got sold.

Want to make a bigger percentage of those sales your own? 3D rendering might be just what you need.

3D rendering is one of today’s top real estate trends. This high-tech yet simple tool allows you to “show” homes to clients without actually taking them anywhere. It shows them that you’re at the cutting edge of the industry, and makes them feel empowered in their decision.

Thinking of using 3D rendering for marketing this year? Let’s take a closer look at exactly how this 3D technology can help your sales grow.

Save Time and Energy

Once upon a time, a realtor who wanted to sell a newly constructed home often had to become (or hire) an artist. A presentation, usually drawn by hand, would show potential buyers what to expect. You could either make the drawings yourself or pay big bucks to get them done.

Today, 3D renderings take the place of those hand-drawn visualizations. A 3D rendering is faster and easier to make, although it still requires some skill. 3D renderings also show a project more accurately, since there’s less room for artistic interpretation.

Provide a Memorable Experience

3D rendering allows clients to take a “walk-through” of a home they’ve never visited — or a home that doesn’t yet exist.

This technology immerses them in the experience of the home. That’s a memorable experience that other realtors may not provide. The experience alone may keep clients coming back to you for more.

A 3D walk-through makes clients feel connected to the project since it feels like they’ve already been in the home. This can help them stick with it from beginning to completion.

Sell More Vacant Land

For many realtors, one of the biggest industry challenges is selling land that doesn’t have a home on it yet.

When buyers look at an unfinished property, they often think of all the work that would need to go into it. But with 3D technology, you can show them the finished results they can look forward to instead.

You can create a 3D rendering of a finished home, a pool, a garden, and any other touches that would make the property their own. With that in mind, buyers will see the property differently. It will look like a home, not just a piece of empty land.

In fact, your rendering can show them how that property is a better fit than the existing homes they’ve seen.

Show the Potential of Remodeling

What if you’re selling an existing home, not vacant land, but that home needs some work? Your 3D rendering can also show how remodeling will make that home more desirable.

The home might lack furniture, appliances, or desirable modern design touches. But 3D technology lets you add all of those updates to the empty home. Instead of paying to stage the home itself, or trying to explain a remodel concept, you can show it to your buyers.

When you demonstrate how a remodel can change a home, buyers might suddenly perk up with interest. Sure, you can already see the potential in that old-fashioned kitchen or closed-off floor plan. But with a 3D rendering, your buyers will be able to see that same potential, too.

Command Higher Prices

With this ability to demonstrate luxury (or the potential for it), you can also use 3D rendering to get a higher price.

For example, maybe you’re selling a luxury home, but can’t afford to stage it with luxe furniture. This can make it hard to show why the home is worth the high cost. But when you “stage” it with 3D technology, buyers will immediately be able to see why that home is worth the asking price.

Present Homes Accurately

In real estate, accuracy helps make sales. Buyers want to know specifics. They want to know if their California king bed will fit in that small-looking bedroom, or if that vaulted ceiling is really as high as it looks.

With 3D rendering, you can present homes with the greatest possible accuracy. You’ll get the dimensions of the model exactly right, so there’s no question of how everything fits together.

This rendering technology also helps you show off unusually-shaped spaces accurately. Every unique detail will get represented correctly.

Fix Problems Quickly

If you’re selling a newly built home, it’s best to catch problems fast. 3D rendering can help you do it.

For example, the rendering might show a design flaw that affects usability or even stability. You’ll be able to tell if the design doesn’t look great on a walk-through, or isn’t practical for most lifestyles. And you get all of that information before the home even gets built.

Once construction starts, it’s often too late to make these significant changes. A 3D rendering will help you ensure you have a well-designed home that will be easy to sell, even before you start showing it to buyers.

Even better — the 3D rendering edits are easy to make. If you work from blueprints, it’s time-consuming and expensive to make changes. But a 3D rendering is quick and easy to update. And if you want to go back to the original version after seeing the edits, that’s just as easy.

Show Your Modern Knowledge

Clients want to buy from the most knowledgable person possible. Using the latest technology will show them that you know more than the competition does. This can help foster a sense of trust, making the sale process easier.

Don’t let clients see you as an outdated dinosaur. Show that you’re ahead of real estate trends by using 3D renderings in your presentations.

Ready to Get Familiar with 3D Rendering?

3D rendering will only become more important to the world of real estate as time goes by. Don’t get left behind — start putting 3D technology to work for you now!

This real estate trend offers the best of both worlds. It’s easy and inexpensive, saving you time and money. But at the same time, it also helps you make more sales.

Are you thinking “More sales with less effort? “Count me in!” Then check out our 3D rendering services to start reaping these benefits today. 

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