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Honor Your Emotions: What Does It Really Mean?

Tangia Elieff, CEO of Honor Your Emotions, discusses revelations, CBT therapy, and emotions. Discover her unique approach and inclusive, safe space for counseling in Dublin, California.


Dublin, CA, March 2, 2022 — Honor Your Emotions is not your typical psychotherapy clinic’s name. But it’s fitting for this unique space for counseling in California. So, where did the name come from?

While struggling with an emotional rollercoaster of relationships, Tangia Elieff had a revelation. “My professor was talking about how making practical decisions didn’t have to involve our emotions,” says Elieff. “What I was experiencing in my emotions was optional.”

It was during this class that Elieff realized that while emotions can’t be controlled, our responses can be. “We chose to act out our feelings, either positive or negative,” Elieff points out. Emotions don’t control us, we have a choice to react or not, she decided.

Thus, Honor Your Emotions was born. A concept of acknowledging and feeling your feelings without letting them take over. “All I needed to do was honor my emotions first,” says Elieff. “Then make more practical decisions that didn’t use up so much of my time or energy.”

Now, Honor Your Emotions employs fifteen psychotherapists and sees countless clients every day. The clinic offers individual counseling and group therapy. They also have options for children, teens, couples, and families.

There’s a spotlight on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) at Honor Your Emotions. “It focuses on how your thoughts affect your mood and your decisions,” explains Elieff. A perfect solution for a clinic that grew from an emotional revelation!

Honor Your Emotions specializes in anxiety and depression psychotherapy in Dublin, CA. Countless studies have shown that CBT is one of the most effective therapies for these issues. Since the method relies on the client changing their own thought patterns, they often feel more in control of their healing.

They also offer help with eating disorders, life transitions, substance abuse, domestic violence, bullying, low self-esteem, and much more. Each clinician brings their own specialized set of skills to tackle these issues, so you will be sure to receive the most comprehensive care possible.

“Therapy can help you discover how to challenge negative thoughts to unleash the best version of yourself,” says Elieff. Start by grabbing her eBook, Think and Grow Happy. You’ll discover some simple techniques for managing and understanding emotions.

Then sign up for an in-person or telehealth counseling session with one of Honor Your Emotion’s passionate therapists. Anyone looking to book an appointment with a professional psychotherapist can sign up!

Those needing a Christian perspective can book an appointment for Christian counseling. Individuals searching for a therapist for people of color are in luck. Both female and male black therapists are available for your comfort.

Head over to Honor Your Emotions and get to know Tangia Elieff and her amazing team a little better!

About Honor Your Emotions: Honor Your Emotions is a counseling center that emphasizes transformation and healing. Clients learn to harness inner wisdom to change unhealthy life patterns. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, clients become the best versions of themselves. Every psychotherapist on the team takes a down-to-earth approach filled with compassion. Honor Your Emotions aims to help you create the life you always imagined.

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Tangia Elieff
6904 Village Pkwy
Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 577-4732
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