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Home Security Apps Hit Record Growth: Explore how to Capitalize on the Demand

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There was no place like home in 2020. It was an office, a school, an entertainment venue, and much more. Quarantine was a huge catalyst for many industries that helped consumers transform their homes. Renovations and projects helped home improvement stores see huge profits. In addition to sprucing up homes, many also sought to be more secure in them in the most convenient and technological way. In turn, this caused home security apps to see record growth.

With the pandemic almost in the rearview, the momentum for this market is unlikely to change. So let’s look at the numbers, what the future holds, and how to capture users in this hot app category.

Home Security App Growth

The home security app market flourished in 2020. October was a record month with a 72% year-over-year growth. In Apptopia’s graph below, you can see that December was the usual spike month, attributed to holiday gifting.

home security app surge

Image: Apptopia

Digging deeper into the data, we learned that Ring, the market leader, had a significant uptick that month. However, that followed a decrease after a recall. Another app that achieved user growth was Alfred Home Security. It gained 50,000 downloads in October and reached its highest daily active user (DAU) numbers ever. The fastest-growing app in the category was Blink, which reported a 295% year-over-year growth.

dau growth security apps

Image: Apptopia

But what about after this boon? Is the market still growing?

Projected Growth of the Home Security Market

The home security market was worth $52 billion in 2020. Experts predict it will grow by a CAGR of 6.8% through 2027, hitting a value of $82.3 billion. Several things are fueling this growth:

  • Technology is easier to use and less expensive.
  • People want to feel safe in their homes more than ever due to the pandemic and civil unrest.
  • Real estate prices are skyrocketing, which means low inventory and a huge demand for new construction.
  • Homeowners want to monitor their home when they are away from a security perspective and to keep an eye on pets or children.

Current Charts: Are Home Security Systems Apps Still Trending Up?

According to Sensor Tower data, home security smartphone apps are currently still gaining users. Ring is number four in the Utilities Category and had 500,000 downloads in May. Alfred had 80,000 downloads in May. Blink also continues to drive user acquisition (UA) with 200,000 installs in May.

Barriers to entry in this market are low because the technology is democratized. Additionally, some bigger players are newer to the home security world but already have brand recognition, such as AT&T Security.

With lots of competition and a fickle consumer base that isn’t known for its loyalty, how can you gain and retain users for your platform?

UA and Retention Tips for Home Security Apps

home security ua and retention

There are several key strategies you’ll want to establish to get your app noticed, downloaded, and loved.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

You’ll want to start with ASO, as that’s where a user gets the first impression of your app. ASO includes optimizing your app profile through titles, keywords, rankings, and visuals. Keep these ASO best practices in mind:

Strategize with your keyword approach to ensure you’re capturing the right users: For example, you likely want to use “residential” to clarify that your app is more for consumer use than commercial.

Include powerful visuals, screenshots, and video: Show users how easy it is to use the app and what they can experience.

Focus on gathering reviews: New users will pay attention to this, especially since these apps are in the security ecosystem.

App Promotion on Digital Channels

To get noticed and found by those seeking a home security app solution, you have many digital marketing options to consider. Your app install ad campaign can cross many mediums to drive traffic to your app.

You can promote it via social media (organic and paid), search engine marketing (SEM), display ads on relevant websites (i.e., home security review sites), and via content marketing to improve organic rankings on Google.

In any of these channels, you can target very specifically and grow your visibility. Additionally, making the list of top apps in the market can boost your credibility. Influencer marketing is another approach to use on social media or other channels. For example, finding a security expert to endorse your product could nudge users to your product.

Burst Campaigns Boost Search Visibility

App downloads from search increased substantially in 2020. Search is where most users find apps. Apple says that 65% of downloads in the App Store go this route. So, it’s critical to master the search game. ASO will support your organic ranking, but there’s a way to gain more attention with burst campaigns.

Burst campaigns are short, concentrated keyword and category promotions to drive UA. It involves pumping up your budget for a few days. They are ideal for high-volume traffic to spur downloads. This uptick can then lead to organic lift, which can improve your ranking in the app stores.

The key to a successful burst campaign is timing. Look at the data of when it makes sense. We know that December was the traditional time of year to see boosts, so promote before this buying season. Another idea is to look at trends in home sales and building. Buying a new home is the time when consumers will look for security solutions.

Keeping Users on Your App

Just because someone downloads your app doesn’t mean they’ll stay loyal. You can track usage carefully, keeping an eye on DAU and monthly average users (MAU) to get insights on churn. The most crucial things you can do to retain users are:

  • Continue to improve the user experience.
  • Add new features based on customer feedback.
  • Resolve security issues fast and transparently.

Get Your App for Home Security Noticed with Creative Campaigns

The home security vertical will continue to be lucrative and essential to many homeowners. The convenience of this technology delivers so many benefits to users. As a mobile app marketer, your objective is to provide a great app experience and ensure that consumers are aware of your solution. If you want to learn more about UA campaigns for your app, talk to our team of experts today.

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