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Hiring a Personal Trainer? Consider This First


There are more inactive and overweight people in the United States than ever before. There are a lot of factors for this ranging from working at a desk all day to poor diets.

Being overweight can lead to a lot of chronic health issues, from high blood pressure to diabetes. If you want to prevent these conditions, you need to get active.

Hiring a personal trainer is a great first step because you have accountability and it takes the guesswork out of what to do at the gym.

Yet, you want to make sure you get a great personal trainer that matches your needs and you like to work with.

Read on to find out how to hire the best personal trainer for you.

Check Certifications and References

The personal industry is unregulated. That means that anyone can call themselves a personal trainer and have little knowledge and experience.

Truth be told, certifications don’t mean much because the industry is unregulated. One reputable certification company is ACE Fitness. Some trainers have degrees in Exercise Science or something similar.

The real indication in the ability of someone to train is in the results. You’ll want to ask for 2-3 references from current or past clients.

They Don’t Sell Other Products

Personal trainers don’t make much money. A lot of trainers will find ways to supplement their income by selling supplements.

If a trainer is recommending supplements right out of the gate, consider that a red flag. Not only is it ethically questionable, but potentially dangerous. There could be a bad interaction between medications and supplements.

Your Budget

The cost of a personal trainer varies according to specializations and experience. Someone that works with elite athletes will cost a lot more than someone who is just starting out.

You don’t want to break the bank when you hire a trainer, but you do want to make sure that you get a quality trainer within your budget.

Trial Sessions

Some trainers, like at FITHAUS personal training, offer the ability to have a free trial session. This gives you a chance to get to know the trainer and get a feel for their training style.

You’ll want to take advantage of trial sessions to make sure that it’s a good fit.

The Best Form of Training for You

Personal training has evolved from one-on-one training to other types of training. There is small group personal training, classes, and online training.

Each offers advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide what is the best one for you. For example, one-on-one training gives you personal attention, but it tends to cost more.

Online training costs less, but you may get a cookie-cutter workout template and there’s no one checking your form.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

If you want to lose weight, one of the most effective ways to do so is to hire a personal trainer. Hiring a personal trainer isn’t easy because anyone can claim to be a personal trainer and not have the skills and experience to back it up.

You need to consider a trainer’s experience, specializations, and your needs and budget before hiring one. That’s how you’ll get the best experience and have fun losing weight.

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