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25 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good

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There is nothing worse than a home with an “off” smell. Whether you walk past the trash can and get an unpleasant whiff, or smell something nasty whenever you enter the bathroom. These are not only problems that you need to face, but can also give a bad impression to your guests.

No need to worry. We’re here to help you out. In this guide, you’ll discover 25 excellent tips to make your home smell good.

Make Your Home Smell Good With These Strategies

There are many ways to make your home smell good, but you first have to know what is causing the problem. When you identify the source of the nasty smells, it is easier to get rid of them. There are, of course, some general strategies that you can use to avoid bad smell all-together. That’s exactly what we’ll show you below.

1. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is one of the most common parts of your home that contributes to a bad sound. With this in mind, start your strategy to make your home smell good by cleaning out your garbage disposal. Even when you are trying to keep your garbage disposal clean with day-to-day methods, there is usually a build-up that accumulates on the internal structure of your garbage disposal.

You need some dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and a cleaning sponge to clean out your garbage disposal effectively. You can also choose to use a bleach solution, especially if the accumulation of grime and food particles is more severe.

2. Add Dryer Sheets To Your Trash Can

Dryer sheets are a truly multipurpose product. There are many reasons why you might want to consider using dryer sheets in your home. One area where you might not have considered using these products in the past might be your trash can, however.

To keep a stench out of your trash can, consider adding a dryer sheet to the bottom of your trash can. This helps to avoid any moisture or liquids from collecting inside your trash can – and these are especially prone to giving off a nasty smell.

Dryer sheets are also relatively affordable in most cases. This makes the strategy an affordable way of reducing unpleasant smells in your home.

3. Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Another spot to consider is your refrigerator. We often place food in the refrigerator, take them out, and never consider any spills or particles that might have been left behind in the appliance. These particles all contribute to a nasty smell being expelled from the refrigerator.

Make cleaning out your refrigerator frequently a priority. You should try to do this at least once a week. While cleaning out, be sure to wash each layer in your refrigerator separately. Also, use a sponge with a mild cleaning detergent to clean out the inside of your refrigerator. This will help you get rid of any particles, as well as germs, that might have accumulated in your refrigerator.

4. Fix A Stinky Humidifier

While humidifiers are known to help improve the air quality in your home, failure to effectively maintain these devices can rather make them contribute to a smelly home. If you find that your humidifier is stinking up the place, turn it off and clean it out.

Make sure to unplug the humidifier. Add some white vinegar into the tank of your humidifier and let it stand still for a while. This will deodorize the entire humidifier. Use a sponge to clean out the inside of the tank. Once done, remove the vinegar from the tank and flush it out with some water. After you have cleaned the tank, you can turn the humidifier back on.

5. Get Rid Of Cigarette Smells

Cigarettes can quickly cause an unpleasant smell in your entire home. If you are a smoker, then this smell might not bother you as much – but consider everyone else who does not smoke. You should consider implementing some steps to get rid of these cigarette smells too.

A combination of ammonia and water can be used to scrub floors and walls. This can effectively remove these smells. It is also possible to spray vinegar on areas that are affected by the cigarette smells. This may reduce or even completely eliminate the smells too. Other options include laying out charcoal and apple halves throughout your home.

You can use an air freshener or air purifier to remove the smoke odor.

6. Spray Stinky Shoes With Dry Shampoo

Shoes can also stink up your house – this is not something that we have to tell you. Think back of a time you removed your shoes after a hard day at work or after you went to the gym. These scenarios do not only cause your home to smell unpleasant but also cause pathogens to leak into the air.

Consider getting your hands on a good quality dry shampoo product. You can use this to spray your entire shoe – especially on the inside. The product will help to keep your shoes dry, while also getting rid of unpleasant smells.

7. Tackle Pet Odors Before They Start

Pet odors can also be just as unpleasant. With the right strategy, it is possible to prevent pet odors even before they start to become an annoyance. There are many ways that you can help to prevent pet odors.

One of the best strategies is to ensure you wash your pets frequently. Use a high-quality shampoo for your pet, as this will help to avoid your pet from giving off an unpleasant odor. You should also consider using powder on your dog, which can further eliminate the risk of your pets stinking up your home. If this seems problematic, consider taking your pet to a vet frequently.

8. Sprinkle Baking Soda On Carpets

Baking soda is known to be an effective product to eliminate odors and may even be helpful for getting rid of certain pathogens that may accumulate on your carpets. Since carpets are often a breeding ground for bacteria and prone to collect dust, you should consider sprinkling some baking soda on all your carpets frequently.

In addition to sprinkling baking soda on your carpets, you can also mix baking soda with vinegar and use this to clean tiles and walls. This would provide a further improvement in the process of making your home smell good.

9. Use A Daily Shower Cleaner Spray

The shower is a location of your home that you rely on to get yourself cleaned every day – but there is grime, scum, and other particles that can accumulate in your shower. This makes the area less hygienic to help keep your body clean. Additionally, the accumulation of these substances can also cause your shower to become smelly.

Consider using a shower cleaner spray every day if possible. Simply use the sprayer to get the liquid all over the shower floor and walls. Spray the solution on the shower doors too. About two times every week, up to your game by using a scrubbing product to clean out your shower at a more potent level.

10. Get Rid Of Those Musty Towel Smells

Musty smell on towels can be exceptionally unpleasant. It can quickly stink up your entire bathroom. In fact, this smell may quickly leave the bathroom and enter other rooms in your house too. If this is the case, you need to get rid of the musty towel smells if you are looking to make your home smell good.

Add the towels to your washing machine and pour some vinegar into the machine too. Wash the towels with the vinegar inside. After the washing cycle is complete, add a single cup of baking soda into the machine. Run the towels through another washing cycle. Finally, during the third washing cycle, add some of your preferred washing detergents.

11. Clean The Washing Machine

The washing machine is another area of your bathroom that needs some care if you are trying to make your home smell good. It is important that you clean out your washing machine regularly – this will help to keep the device more hygienic. It will also help to improve the efficacy of your washing machine when you clean your clothes.

Vinegar is one of the best options when it comes to cleaning out your washing machine. Add about two cups of white vinegar to the washing machine. Add one cup of baking soda. Now simply switch on a hot washing cycle, and these products will help to dislodge any scum that has accumulated in your washing machine.

12. Drain Cleaner

Drains can also cause a nasty smell in your home – in many cases; you may smell something without realizing it is coming from the drain. This is because there is a lot of products that usually go down the drain – and these can cause a slimy substance to form inside the drain.

You need to keep your drains clean. Not only will this help to control and eliminate these smells, but it will also reduce the risk of a blocked drain. The best solution here would be to go out to a local shop and buy a drain cleaner product. Pour this down the drain and wait for about an hour. Then flush the drain with warm water to make sure all of the scum is flushed away.

13. Open The Window

To make your home smell good, you need to let some fresh air in for at least a few hours every day. To take advantage of fresh air, you should open up windows in your home. When you open up a window, it helps to improve air circulation inside your house – and this is exactly what you need if you are looking to get rid of nasty smells that you are facing inside.

Be sure to set time limits for opening your windows. Open up a few with security bars installed in the morning. When you get back from work at night, close them up again. This helps to avoid your house becoming too cold – as the weather tends to become colder at night time.

14. Flowers Or Plants

Indoor plants have been shown to provide a significant improvement in the quality of the air in your home. This is important to help improve your overall health. Something that you should consider now as well is that an improvement in the indoor air quality may also be useful if you find that there is generally a nasty smell in your home.

There are many plants that you can choose from. Prefer to opt for plant species that are known to help improve air quality by enhancing oxygen in the room.

15. Stovetop Potpourri

While stovetop potpourri is not the most popular option today, it is still an excellent option if you are looking for a good solution to make your home smell good. There are actually quite a few different stovetop potpourri recipes available – the ultimate goal here is to add an aroma to your entire home. This is a highly effective strategy that you should not overlook.

Consider the specific smells that you prefer in your home – then take a look at recipes that uses these specific ingredients. Cranberries, lemon, lavender, vanilla – these are only a few examples of popular ingredients that are used in stovetop potpourri.

16. Use Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are most commonly used to prepare – yes, you guessed it – a cup of coffee. What you may not know is that coffee beans could actually be a good option to make your home smell good too. There are a few ways to use coffee beans as a way to enhance the fragrance or aroma of your home.

The most effective option would be to get your hands on a tealight. This is a relatively popular product for people who want to infuse a specific smell into their home. You should fill up a cup with your coffee beans of choice. The tealight is then added to the top of the cup.

17. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser offers an effective way of ridding your home of nasty smells. The diffuser itself helps to purify the air in the room it is placed. This already helps to get rid of particles in the air that may weaken indoor air quality and cause smells.

Add some essential oils to the diffuser, and you suddenly have the ability to get a much more significant enhancement in improving the smell in your home. There are a variety of different essential oils to use. Consider lavender, vanilla, or even a citrus option. This one also depends much on your personal preferences. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to get started.

18. Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are also excellent for making your home smell good – these generally cost less than having to buy a diffuser and can still produce excellent results. There is also a large variety of scented options that you can choose from. Consider opting for a reed diffuser that offers a fragrant option that you personally prefer.

Once you get your hands on a reed diffuser, you will need to follow the instructions on the packaging. In most cases, you will simply take the sticks out of a special container and insert them into a vase. The vase is then filled with a liquid that usually contains essential oils.

19. Scented Candle

If you are not a fan of diffusers, then you should consider the use of a scented candle. Similar to a diffuser, these products can be found in a large variety of scents and options. You can even get a few different designs. Some of these candles are also very large, which means they will last for a longer period of time.

If you are going to use scented candles, consider getting your hands on a few. This will help to cover a larger area of your home. It is especially important if you have a very large house. Burn a scented candle in your living room and perhaps in your bedroom. You can also add some of these candles to other areas of your home.

20. Candle Warmer

Another option in terms of using a scented candle in your home would be to get your hands on a candle warmer. These are electronic devices that are able to heat the wax of a candle. The devices are generally affordable, depending on the size you are looking to buy and the brand that you want to buy from.

When you buy a candle warmer, get a candle or candle wax that is scented. Be sure to opt for a scent that you would like to infuse into the air of your home.

21. Air Purifier

We have already touched the topic that filthy or contaminated air can make your home smell unpleasant. While a diffuser is a good way to help filter air, there are more specialized products if you wish to get a more potent effect in terms of filtering the air in your home. The best option would be air purifier.

Sure, investing in an air purifier may not always be cheap, but consider the advantages that such a product may bring to your home. The product will help to keep the air clean and also assist with the circulation in your home.

22. Add Essential Oils To Your Air Filter

If you have an air filter, use this as an opportunity to make your home smell good. An air filter on its own is already a great product for helping to filter the air in your home. The product helps to give you cleaner air to breathe in while you are home.

Many air filter devices will give you an opportunity to add essential oils or other products to the appliance. In such a case, consider the essential oils that come with a fragrance you personally prefer. This will help to give your home a smell that you feel more familiar with – or one that you enjoy personally

23. Air Freshener To Your Air Vent

Similar to how essential oils can benefit your home, if you have an air filter, you can also consider using an air freshener product in your air vent. Not all homes do have air vents – so do consider whether or not your home has such a feature before you go out to buy an air freshener product.

You can use an automated air freshener device that will spray out some of the solution every 30 minutes or hour. Alternatively, there are also certain products that can be left in a specific spot, and it will provide a fresh smell for a couple of weeks. Adding these to your air vent will help fill your entire home with the scent.

24. Sachet Bags

Sachet bags are often provided as gifts – they are small, affordable, and smells good. Take advantage of all three factors we mentioned to make your home smell good. You can get your hands on sachet bags at most local stores in your area – and even online.

Spread these sachet bags throughout your house. Try to add a couple to every room. A great thing about using sachet bags is that they tend to last for a very long time before you will need to consider buying new ones.

25. Put Essential Oil In Your Toilet Paper Roll

Our final tip to help make your home smell good is to put some essential oil in your toilet paper roll. Sure, this may not seem like the most obvious way to make your bathroom smell better, but it will surely give you impressive results.

Be sure to use essential oil that features a smell you enjoy. You might have to apply new essential oils every time you replace the toilet roll. By using an essential oil like tea tree oil, you can also effectively prevent the accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens on your toilet rolls.


Whether there are trashy smells or something that seems to be affecting your entire home, a bad-smelling environment can be disastrous. You may not only find yourself affected, but guests may also complain or simply stop coming over. If you want to make your home smell good, then you need to consider the steps we shared in this post. From cleaning up frequently to adding a couple of essential oils to your home.

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