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Hemp Buying 101: The Top Tips for Buying Hemp Products

Did you know that the total sales in the United States in 2018 for hemp products was around $1.1 billion?

The demand for hemp products is becoming increasingly popular and more available in the United States. But do you even know much about it? 

There are many ways that you can use hemp, so it is important that you know what you are purchasing. 

Continue reading to discover the top tips for buying hemp products so that you can start receiving all of its benefits. 

Top Tips for Buying Hemp Products 

Buying hemp products for your first time can be intimidating and you may end up with something you don’t even want. 

Understanding the ways that companies use marketing to confuse consumers and the ingredients in your products can help save you from wasting your well- earned money. 

Below are the best tips to start utilizing today, so that you only buy the best hemp products. 

1. Know What You Are Buying

Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant but only contains very little traces of THC in the products. Hemp is legal in all 50 states, but it is important to be informed about any laws or regulations in your area. 

Marijuana is different from hemp because it contains higher amounts of THC, that produce a mind-altering experience for the user. 

If you are searching for hemp products, the oil should be derived from CBD rich cannabis. Although you are encouraged to buy hemp-derived from CBD cannabis, it contains fewer cannabinoids that CBD products. 

2. Select Your Product

There are many different forms of hemp products that you can purchase, deciding which type you want is one of the most important steps to buying hemp. 

Online sites, like, offer a variety of hemp products such as salves, pills, oils, and much more. Many companies even make skincare and lips products with hemp!  

3. Choose Quality over Quantity 

It is completely natural to be attracted to the cheaper hemp products because you can get more at a discounted price. 

When selecting the best hemp products you should consider the more expensive options as well, they are more likely to be labeled correctly and contain higher traces of CBD.

The higher the percentage of CBD in your hemp products, the more health benefits you can receive. 

4. Avoid Being Mislead by Labels

Many people have issues when buying hemp products because they don’t understand the labels on the products. It is not uncommon for companies to use certain terminology to claim that their products are more beneficial when they, in fact, are not.

There are many “hemp-infused” products that claim to be “full-spectrum” even though there isn’t any CBD or THC, instead, this is considered a broad spectrum.  

Companies will also make health benefit claims for their products even though there has been no research obtained and no proof that it actually works for what they claim it does. 

5. Marketing Can Be Confusing 

Similar to the tip above, marketing can become misleading to consumers and make false claims. 

Sometimes businesses will advertise products for being hemp-infused or derived from cannabis, even when the actual hemp in the product is extremely minimal. 

Looking at the ingredients list can help you determine if it is worth buying based on the order of items. If hemp or CBD is located at the very end of the list, it means that there isn’t much at all.  

Helpful Hemp

Hemp products are clearly not treated equally and it is important to understand this when making purchases. 

Using the tips from above can help you avoid buying unnecessary items and also make sure you have everything that you need. It is extremely important to read all the information you can on a product and verify its claims before using it. 

Be sure to check out our articles section for more information on hemp like this one! 

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