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Healthy and Festive Treats Your Preschooler Can Help You Make

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When thinking about what makes the holiday season so special, the first things that come to mind are food and family. This season is a time for gathering together as a family and celebrating the time you get to spend with one another, and what better way to do that than in the kitchen making the delicious treats that the holidays are also known for? Baking together as a family can be a great bonding time, even with your young children. Here are some delicious, but healthy, festive treats that your children can help you make.

Pancake Ornaments

This delicious recipe is such a fun and easy way to spice up breakfast with your kids. All you need to do is make pancakes with whatever recipe you typically use. Then you stick the ornament top in the pancake. This can be made out of an apple slice cut into a rectangle, a pretzel, or a strawberry slice. After that, decorate your ornaments!

You can use fruit if you want to keep it as a healthy breakfast option, or you can use sprinkles, marshmallows, whipped cream, or anything else if you want to give your kids a sweeter treat. All that is left is serving it and letting everyone enjoy these unique holiday ornaments for breakfast.

Apple Slice Christmas Tree

Fruit offers so many fun design options like this apple slice Christmas tree. For this snack, you will need one or two Granny Smith apples, thin pretzel sticks, and berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. An additional ingredient could be a dipping sauce of your choice like carmel.

For this snack, take the Granny Smith apple(s) and cut it into relatively thin slices. Arrange the slices in two columns, angled upward. Take the thin pretzel sticks and gather them together to form the trunk of the tree. Finally, add the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries as the ornaments to decorate the tree. You could even drizzle some dipping sauce across the tree to act as some ribbon. Once all of this is finished, you will have a beautiful edible Christmas tree to serve your kids for an afternoon snack.

Santa Fruit Kababs 

All you need for this scrumptious Santa snack is some strawberries, bananas, big marshmallows, miniature marshmallows, brown sprinkles, red M&M’s or chocolate chips, and kabab sticks.

The first step is cutting the marshmallow in half. Then take one half, bottom side down, and stick it on the kabab stick. After that, cut the banana into sections about two inches long. Take one of these sections and add it to the kabab stick. Then take the other half of the marshmallow and add it on top of the banana on the stick. Next, add the strawberry, top side down. Finally add the mini marshmallow on top. The last step is adding the brown sprinkles for Santa’s eyes, and red M&M or chocolate chip for the nose. You now have some delicious Santa Kababs to enjoy together.

Reindeer Energy Bites

These energy bites are a festive pick-me-up and  perfect for a midday treat or a school snack. All you need to make this treat is pretzels, candy eyes, craisins (or red M&Ms), and the ingredients to make your favorite energy bites.

Begin this recipe by making the energy bites. Once they are made, add the candy eyes and craisin for the eyes and nose. Then break the pretzels in half and stick them in the top of the energy ball. Now, you can enjoy these holiday themed energy bites all day long.

Pancake Snowman

Here is another great holiday breakfast treat for you and your family to make together. All you need is to make pancakes like you would normally in the morning, and then take two of the pancakes and stack them to create the head and body of your snowman. You can then use blueberries or chocolate chips to create his eyes, smile, and buttons. Thinly sliced strawberries make the perfect scarf, and you can use pretzels for the arms. You can serve your snowman with powdered sugar to imitate a winter wonderland, and you will have the perfect breakfast for your whole family.

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