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Great Tips And Tricks For Helping Your Online Content Promotion

Whether you’re looking to boost your website traffic or sell more products, upping your online content promotion tactics is key.

But figuring out how to get your business or message in front of a larger audience and encourage interaction can be a challenge. Keep reading to learn 3 simple tricks that can help you do just that.

Target Influencers

Move over traditional paid advertising, there’s a new player in town. Well, it actually isn’t all that new, but the influence that it’s having over today’s web surfers and consumers is a new trend.

Influencer marketing has been rapidly overcoming other marketing methods or a few years now. Today’s consumers increasingly rely on social media celebrities to help them decide which brands to support, which products, they need, where to travel, and more.

The statistics say it all. More than 85 percent of women in the U.S. use social media for advice on which products and services to purchase. Nearly 50 percent of consumers have relied on an influencer recommendation to make a purchase. A whopping 70 percent of teenagers in the U.S. trust influencers’ opinions more than that of traditional celebrities.

The popularity of influencer marketing has a clear-cut benefit for websites and blogs. On average, businesses will see a return of $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

Look for Opportunities to Reuse Content

One of the key strategies involved in successfully promoting content is by regularly releasing new or relevant content. Unfortunately, this can be both time-consuming and expensive.

To combat both issues, look for ways to reuse old content. Re-release any seasonally-relevant content every year as the time comes back around when readers will find them useful. Update old lists of dates or company recommendations that you still want to let your followers know about.

You can also pull phrases and sections from existing blog articles and turn them into social media posts.

The more content you are able to reuse, the more money you’ll have left to invest in adding new content.

Get Legal

If you spend any time online or scrolling through social media, you’ve heard about companies appropriating content and getting in trouble for it.

Most recently, the clothing store Forever 21 was sued by artist Ariana Grande after they copied scenes and outfits from Grande’s recent music video in advertisements they posted to Instagram.

But it isn’t just multi-million dollar companies that are at risk of these types of lawsuits. Businesses of any size need to be careful about the type of content they’re promoting on the web.

Waiting until you’ve already violated copyright laws to think about these things will mean you’ll have to get a lawyer and suffer the loss of business that will no doubt follow.

Mastering Online Content Promotion

Mastering online content promotion is far from a simple or one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, each individual business needs to find the strategies that work best for them.

One thing that does remain constant is the need for high-quality content. Check out our blog to learn more about how our professional writers can help you with all of your content needs!

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