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Considering Solar Panel Installation? 5 Factors to Think About First

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the solar power capacity has grown to power over 18 million American households. Although only 3% of electricity comes from solar power you might be considering solar panel installation. 

Before investing in solar energy you’ll want to consider a few factors. This guide will explain the most important ones. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. Consider the Age of Your Roof

Before investing in solar panels you need to consider the age of your roof. If your roof is old enough that it needs repairing or complete replacing you might want to hold off on solar panel installation. 

If the repairs can be made before installation this will help you avoid having to uninstall the panels just to put them back on after. Make sure your roof is large enough to fit solar panels too. 

2. House Ownership

Another thing to take into consideration is how long you’ve owned your home and how long you plan to stay there. While solar panels are a large investment to make, they’ll more than pay for themselves in a few years with all that you save on your electric bill. 

If you’re planning on staying in your home, then solar panels are a great investment to make. If you’re considering leaving in a few years this might not be the best choice. Although, one of the benefits of solar panels is how much they increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. 

3. The Location of Your Home 

If you’re wondering how to install solar panels on your home it all depends on where you’re located. This is something to consider before making any decisions. 

The sunnier the city you live in, the more energy your panels will produce. Getting solar panels installed in a place where it always rains might not be the best decision. 

You want to make sure your roof receives direct sunlight during the day. You should cut down any trees that shade your home during the day. 

4. Potential Damage

Since your solar panels will be outside they’ll be exposed to the elements of nature. This poses a risk for some potential damage. This is something to take into consideration as a part of maintaining your solar panels. 

Solar panels are built to last and most companies offer up to 25-year warranties on their panels in case damages occur. If you’re googling solar panel installers near me, check out

5. Energy Consumption

Solar panel installation cost is another factor to consider. Costs will vary depending on the company, state, and local tax write-offs, and the amount of energy your family consumes. 

The amount of energy you consume will determine how many solar panels you’ll need. You can calculate this with your current energy bill. 

Factors to Consider Before Solar Panel Installation 

Solar panel installation is a great investment to make because of the long-term savings but you’ll also have to consider factors like where you live and the age of your roof. 

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