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Got a Bruised Spine Feeling? 5 Potential Causes

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Let’s face it, no matter what our age we all are going to have the occasional back pain. Back pain (little or large) can span from teenage years to a seasoned adult. Many people with back pain tend to overlook a possible serious issue and just live with the discomfort. But is that the right choice? The answer is simply no. By ignoring back pain you could cause your pain to get worse or even not find out it is something more severe.

People tend to take their spinal health, even their regular health for granted. We tend to go with the ebb and flow of our daily lives that we tend to forget being healthy will help us to live a longer and meaningful life. Even when you get to be in your early 30’s, taking a step back to look at where your health is and how you need to improve it will help benefit your golden years. All this can be said for your spinal health. When you get to be in your older years, you aren’t able to do as much lifting or sometimes even something as simple as walking. This can be caused due to the amount of stress put on your spine over the years and not taking proper care of it. Starting sooner rather than later will be the first step in preventing these issues.

Now, if you are sitting there wondering, “Why does my spine feel like it is in so much pain?”, you could be experiencing a bruised spine. Educating yourself on what a bruised spine is or what any spinal injury is and how you can try to manage pain will help you to fix it in no time. A bruised spine is just the same as it’s namesake. It is a bruise on your spine, but unlike most bruises, this requires more serious medical attention. You also want to keep in consideration other types of back injuries that could bruise your spine. There are quite a few issues to cause your spine to feel bruised, including:

  • Back injuries are among the most common causes of spinal pain or tenderness. Falls, car accidents, or sports injuries can put severe stress on your spine, causing it to move out of alignment.
  • Herniated discs, or as they are also known “bulging discs” are another leading cause of back or spinal pain. A herniated disc occurs when one or more of the rubber-like spinal discs in your back ruptures or slips out of place. Normally, these discs sit in between the vertebrae in the spinal column, acting to protect your spine from any outside forces.
  • Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease that will usually affect middle-aged and older people. If you do have osteoarthritis in your spine, then the protective discs narrow, and bone spurs will form, which could result in pain.
  • By far one of the biggest culprits behind back injuries and pain is poor posture. Poor posture can result from sitting for long periods or even by carrying very heavy items. Continuing to have poor posture over a long time period could make your spine feel like it is bruised.


There are many ways these injuries can also occur, especially with a bruised spine. Per this article, “approximately 80 percent of bruised spine cases occur in males between the ages of 15 and 35. We know that car accidents are responsible for about half of these injuries. Other culprits include falls and sports-related injuries”. Considering the severity of this, it is best to be aware of these symptoms so you know what steps to take. These symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty with breathing normally
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Changes in your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Loss of feeling or movement below your spine injury
  • Numbness or tingling in extremities
  • Problems with your attention or memory
  • Decreased strength in your extremities

If you do have any of these symptoms, the most important thing to do is going to the doctor’s office. Most people will avoid the doctor’s office until they have to go. If you do feel the symptoms of a bruised spine you should go no matter what. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your health. Now if you are hesitant to run to the doctor’s office there are some potential ways to relieve your pain. You can:

  • For the first day or two, you should honestly just take it easy. Relax a bit, watch one of those shows on Netflix you have been meaning to give a shot or very much want to rewatch or enjoy a good book. Don’t get too comfortable because you don’t want to be away from your normal life for too long.
  • Try some relaxed exercise. You still want to be a bit active after you have taken it easy and get back to normal. Trying going for a walk on a nice day, jam out to some music, enjoy a good audiobook or podcast. This will be very helpful in the long run. You keeping up with normal exercise will help you more than you know. Movement such as walking keeps your spine flexible and is going to help your muscles stay stronger as it heals.
  • Most likely you will take some form of medication for your pain. You want to be cautious and safe when it comes to taking these. Be sure to thoroughly read and follow the instructions on the label, especially when it comes to medications prescribed by your doctor. If your doctor doesn’t prescribe you anything, double-check with them on the best over-the-counter medicine (if they suggest you take any).


Anytime you experience something painful and recover from it, you are going to do what everyone else on this planet does avoid it ever happening again. Heartbreak, stomach pain, or even a paper cut are painful experiences that we all want to avoid repeating. This is that much more true when it comes to any form of back pain. Going forward, you can do the following things to prevent that pain from happening again:

  • Have A Ergonomic Study/Work Space: When it comes to our daily grind of work, you’re either sitting at a desk 8 hours a day or constantly on the go doing manual tasks. Considering the current state of the global health crisis, most of us are sitting at a desk from home. Whether you are in a company office or your home office,having an ergonomic setup is not only going to benefit your spine but also your health.Using things such as an under desk bike, a standing desk, or a ergonomic chair is going to save you more time worrying less about back pain. You are also getting the extra benefit of reducing the risk of heart disease, promoting healthy muscle growth, and promoting a more healthy mental state for yourself. The great thing is there are so many resources for you to find the best and reliable ergonomic furniture for your office space or home office space. FlexiSpot is one of them. They offer items that are designed specifically around the best ergonomic treatment and comfort.
  • Wearing Protective Equipment During Sports: Sports are not only fun to watch, but a way many people enjoy a daily form of exercise. As mentioned in an article from the Mayo Clinic, sports and recreational injuries (such as impact sports and diving in shallow water) cause about 10% of spinal cord injuries. Making sure you are wearing the right protective equipment will save your back and any protected spot on your body from potential injury.
  • Safety During Motor Vehicle Accidents: One of the leading causes of spinal cord and back injuries is motor vehicle accidents, which account for almost half of spinal cord injuries each year. Safety while driving or being a passenger in a car should be the top priority any time you enter a vehicle. The reason people preach this so much is the devastating aftermath not doing so can cause. Having your seat belt on during an accident is going to protect you from head injuries, death, and severe spinal injuries. All these things are incredibly worse than a bruised spine, but having your seat belt on will be the best preventative from having a spinal injury after an accident.
  • Regular Exercise & Stretching: Besides being the best way to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy, regular exercise and stretching will help to have your body to be more prepared to prevent spinal issues from happening during the previously mentioned occurrences. Yoga has been a fantastic way for people to exercise and stretch at the same time. Yoga will improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Another benefit is that if you are already experiencing back pain or a bruised spine, yoga can be a way to help with the relief of back pain. Over time yoga will relax you more, help you sleep better, give you more energy and keep you in much happier moods.You can also look into utilizing the Under Desk Bike to combine an ergonomic office experience and exercise while you work. This comfortable and healthy choice for a work chair provides whisper-quiet pedaling with eight resistance levers that allow you to utilize healthy movement, no matter what your fitness level is. It provides superior comfort with the build quality, cushioning, and design that is the best on the market. You will also enjoy the on-demand height adjusting the Under Desk Bike provides. The user-friendly pneumatic adjustment levels can easily move the seat up or down with a gentle press while you cycle.


Now that you are more knowledgeable about spine bruising injuries and prevention, how are you going to make changes towards better spinal health? Making a solid effort and the right choices will save you time and money, as well as avoiding those unwanted doctor bills. Going forward, using the advice in this article will help you make healthier and choices to help you have a healthier lifestyle for your spine and your life.

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