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GarageSaleIt: Taking the Humble Yard Sale Online to Reinvent and Maximise Fundraising Opportunities

GarageSaleIt, a company out of Victoria, Australia, is reinventing garage sales by taking them online with a purpose-built platform and utilizing the garage sale concept as a new and fresh approach to fundraising.


Victoria, AUS, 23 March 2022 — GarageSaleIt offers community organisations a whole new and exciting fundraising opportunity that taps into an audience beyond their usual limitations. The GarageSaleIt marketplace can be used by organisations to fundraise simply by having an ‘online garage sale’.

The fundraising process is simple.

Simply ask your community to donate their little used and pre-loved items to your fundraiser. Sporting groups could collect unused sporting equipment or cleats that are now too small, schools could collect used uniforms or books – the possibilities are endless.

Collate the items of value to be sold at the yardsale and use GarageSaleIt to quickly and easily create the listings for your items.

Similar to a live yard sale, GarageSaleIt goods are uniquely categorized into household areas and rooms to help buyers narrow down their search. For instance, if a buyer wants sporting equipment, they will search and browse the garage ‘room’ page. You can provide pictures and descriptions of your listings to give customers an idea as to the items for sale.

You can then share your fundraiser with your own unique GarageSaleIt microstore fundraising link. The purpose-built platform makes it so easy, any organisation can quickly tap into a whole new fundraising stream.

“By using the concepts of a garage sale and combining that with the GarageSaleIt platform, fundraising can be taken to a whole new level,” said Sara McGuire, Founder GarageSaleIt. “GarageSaleIt enables others outside of your immediate school or sporting club community to purchase from your fundraiser and hence contribute to your fundraising efforts – it is an amazing opportunity to expand typical fundraising efforts,” explained Sara.

For too long, fundraising efforts within community organisations have been left to the same dedicated and hard-working volunteers and the usual chocolate drives and raffles are supported by the same helpful contributors. GarageSaleIt changes this and reinvents the fundraising opportunity.

For more information on how the process works you can visit the GarageSaleIt website at You can also view package plans to utilize GarageSaleIt’s services and can browse all the items for sale.

What are you waiting for? Start fundraising today with GarageSaleIt!

About GarageSaleIt: GarageSaleit allows organisations to fundraise by collecting gently-used items and goods from your community and selling them at a low cost. The easy-to-use platform appeals to local buyers looking for special treasures. Just like a yard sale, GarageSaleIt fundraising listings are categorised with the help of product and room categories. Look for sporting goods in the garage or for books in the library. With GarageSaleIt you can add your own product images and descriptions to make your fundraising as informative as you like. GarageSaleIt provides a unique personalised micro-store for each fundraiser so you can simply let your community know via emails, newsletters and social media exactly where to find your items. The fundraiser now benefits from buyers in the local area and beyond specifically looking for pre-loved and gently-used goods.

Contact Information:

Name: Sara McGuire
Organisation: GarageSaleIt
Address: Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
Phone: +61 3 8372 0206

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