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Get Innovative Crawl Space Repair Solutions With GridLock Foundations

GridLock Foundations provide revolutionary modern crawl space foundation repair systems that offer major improvements to old traditional foundation repair systems like poured concrete pads, push piers, and helical piers.


Norfolk, VA, August 30, 2022— When it comes to crawl space solutions, one company has completely changed the industry. GridLock Foundations, a company based out of Norfolk, Virginia, is using unprecedented methods to offer far more effective crawl space repairs.

The GridLock team, which boasts decades of collective experience, came up with effective formulas for both crawl space foundations and foundation stabilizers.

“We just locked in and put our heads together in order to change the way we repair crawl spaces. It really was a team effort to get GridLock Foundations started, and I am really grateful for everyone on our team who worked so hard to make this possible,” said Blake Heron, owner of GridLock Foundations.

When comparing GridLock Foundations’ solutions to the competition, the difference is clear and obvious.

While traditional push pliers have a lifespan of just over 25 years, GridLock Foundations’ foundation stabilizer is guaranteed to hold up for 100 years. In addition to durability, GridLock’s foundation stabilizer is twice as strong as traditional push pliers, holding up to 20,000 pounds while the push pliers begin to fail just after 10,000 pounds.

In addition, both GridLock’s foundation stabilizers and crawl space foundations use significantly less material than the traditional competition. They both also take significantly less time to install than the competition. For example, traditional concrete takes at least two days to dry while GridLock’s foundation takes just fifteen minutes! These two aspects alone will save you a lot of money in the long run.

To give you an idea as to how much money contractors who utilize GridLock Foundations’ solutions, the team has provided a profit calculator on their website!

“GridLock Foundations have enabled massive record-setting profits and bonuses for our team. We make great money-stabilizing homes, often getting the floor correction our customers desire with GridLock Foundations, and saving our customers money. For us, it’s the ultimate win-win scenario,” said Blake Heron.

GridLock Foundations is setting contractors up for success. To help contractors, the team provides free sales materials such as sales booklets for potential clients as well as referral bonuses.

So what are you waiting for? Change the way you repair crawl spaces today!

About GridLock Foundations:

Faced with frustrations over traditional foundation repair solutions, our lead designer, Blake Heron (owner and operator of the best foundation repair company in Norfolk, VA) took it upon himself to engineer better systems for crawl space and foundation repairs. He, Chris Woolard (building engineer with 30+ years experience), and several Professional Engineers specializing in foundations, designed the GridLock Foundations to offer significantly better alternatives to poured concrete, push piers and helical piers. After years of iterations and design improvements, GridLock guarantees lifetime foundation stability. Today, GridLock Foundations is operated by the Class-A Contractor Team at BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair, the #1 crawl space company in Hampton Roads, VA.

Contact Information:

Blake Heron
GridLock Foundations
1179 Lance Road, Norfolk Virginia



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