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From Lingerie to Jewelry: Romantic Gifts for Lovers You’ll Both Enjoy

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Spontaneity keeps a relationship fresh. Even if your partner usually hates surprises, unexpected gifts are always appreciated when they lead to more intimacy in the relationship.

Don’t wait until the next major holiday to show your sensual side. Fuel the passion in your relationship with these romantic gifts for lovers.

Romantic Gifts for Lovers on a Budget

Romance doesn’t have to come at a cost. For your partner’s birthday, you can spice things up on the cheap with these gift ideas.

Sexy Coupon Book

Make a coupon book for your partner that grants them access to all their favorite things that you don’t normally do. For example, if you hate hiking but your partner is a fan of the great outdoors include a coupon for a 2-mile hiking trip.

Make sure there are no strings attached to any of the favors or chores you include in the book to make it more fun. You can make your coupons as sexy or as practical as you like as long as it’ll put a smile on your partner’s face.

Make Dessert

Sensual gifts allow for indulgence. Does your partner love sweets?

Bake a decadent cake with a side of fresh whipped cream. Test out your masterpiece ahead of time by baking it alone before you make it as your surprise.

You need not be a culinary genius to make a cake taste delicious. Don’t be afraid to get help from a gourmet box mix or premade frosting. The thought and presentation are worth far more than a sore arm from sifting cake flour.

Write a Haiku

Poetry is one of the greatest literary art forms of our time. Show your appreciation for your partner with a romantic haiku.

They’re incredibly short which makes it easier to write and hide in your partner’s wallet or shoe. Your unexpected literary skills are sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face even if your writing skills are questionable.

Romantic Gifts for Lovers Who Want to Splurge

Couples who work hard might not get the opportunity for quality time like they want or need. When it’s time to splurge on a gift for your lover, you’ll want to create the most unforgettable experience in case you don’t find the time again soon.


Set sail to one of the top travel destinations in the Pacific Ocean. Fiji is known for it’s beautiful blue beaches and bungalows over the sea.

Trips to Fiji are best for special occasions like a honeymoon or anniversary celebration. Expect lengthy plane rides no matter where you are in the U.S.

You’ll need at least 7 days off work in order to make the travel time worth it.

Season Tickets

The ultimate splurge gift for sports lovers is season tickets for their favorite team. Season tickets are a gift that keep on giving because your partner can use the tickets to entertain clients at work or as an outing with friends.

The best time to get your season tickets are at the end of a sports season. For popular teams, it’s normal for tickets to be sold out as far as a year in advance.

Romantic Gifts for Lovers Who Love Memories

Keepsakes are one of the most popular types of romantic gifts for lovers. They’re great gifts for marking milestone occasions like a wedding anniversary or just to say you care.

Here are the best keepsake gift ideas for couples who love making memories.


Jewelry can last a lifetime when cared for properly. The key is to buy quality pieces that are easy to maintain.

Womens silver rings are a good choice because they can be inscribed with heartfelt messages that show your partner you care. Choose sterling silver to get the most longevity from your rings.

Stones are a good option when presenting the gift for a milestone occasion like a 10th wedding anniversary, but understated styles are best for everyday wear. Charms are also a romantic choice to add to a necklace or bracelet to symbolize your love.


Custom t-shirts and totes are a whimsical gift idea for lovers. Consider adding both your photos to a set of mugs for both of you to enjoy.

To stylize your print, use an app with customizable filters to transform your photos into a work of artwork. There are airbrush tools you can use to make your photos look like real paintings on canvas.

Make sure the photo effects you choose are easily to see based on the size of the keepsake you choose.

Romantic Gifts for Lovers Who Love to Experiment

Bedroom toys are another gift that keeps on giving. Couples can shed their inhibitions with the right bedroom equipment.

Here are a few intimate gift ideas for lovers.


Satin handcuffs upgrade foreplay to a new level. You can each take turns wearing the handcuffs to balance out the fun.

There are a variety of styles available depending on the level of restraint you like. Bangles that turn into handcuffs are cute but offer little flexibility of movement. Aim for stretchy material if you’d rather avoid bondage bruises.


Lingerie gifts never get old. Surprise your partner with a box of kinky lingerie after a romantic dinner.

Lingerie is a great gift because it combines role play with foreplay. Make sure to check your partner’s size before splurging on lingerie. A getup that’s too uncomfortable to wear can quickly kill the mood.

Intimate Gift Ideas for Every Couple

Naughty and romantic gifts for lovers go hand in hand during the holidays. When the season gets you stressed, plan a staycation with your lover to get much needed playtime.

Gift ideas don’t need to be extravagant in order to be appreciated. Sometimes all your spouse needs is a quiet moment together and a trinket to show you care.

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