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Friendly Finance has Helped Over 250,2000 Customers Find Short Term Lending

Friendly Finance is proud to announce that they’ve just hit the 250,000 mark. By helping 250,000 South African customers find the short-term financing solution that they were looking for, Friendly Finance has lent more than just a financial helping hand. They’ve given families the financial support that they needed right when they needed it. And, they’ve done it all completely free of charge.


Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 March 2020 – Friendly Finance lives up to its name by providing solid, reliable connections to a trusted lending network, who in turn provides customers with short term loans. It’s how they’ve earned the reputation of being a financial helping hand when their customers need it the most. And today,  Friendly Finance is celebrating a major milestone for having successfully connected 250,000 South African customers with short-term financing. With the help of South Africa’s most reliable lenders, they’ve helped customers get back on their feet or make a major purchase. They’ve helped customers pay bills, finance a dream business, and take their families on vacation. And, what’s more, is that they have managed to do all of this without charging their customers. That’s right. Friendly Finance connects its customers to a lender that works for them, completely free of charge.

Friendly Finance understands that sometimes, you need a helping hand. That’s why they are always there to extend a financial helping hand with a customized short term loan during your time of need. Friendly Finance offers a completely free online search, allowing customers to enter information describing their unique financing needs and circumstances. So, customers are instantly connected with lenders who have the precise qualifications to provide a short term loan that’s just right for them.

The Friendly Finance network of short term loan providers offers a wide range of financial solutions, customized to fit their customers’ needs. So, whether your credit is pristine, or less than perfect, they can put together a small loan solution that works to give you the support you need, when you need it. They specialize in short term online loans, so customers get funded fast. And, with lending terms that are suited to each individual’s unique situation, customers can feel secure knowing that they will be able to maintain on-time payments until their loan is fulfilled. Then, whenever they need a financial helping hand in the future, they can always come back to Friendly Finance.

If you need a short term loan solution and are tired of wading through piles of paperwork and websites in search of the right terms for you, visit Friendly Finance online today. They offer a simple online application that takes just minutes to complete. Then, you will be well on your way to securing a loan that fits your needs perfectly.

About Friendly Finance: Friendly Finance is an online loan matching service that connects customers to a network of trusted lenders who specialize in offering creative short term financing for all types of credit and credit history. Their website features a simple loan application that can be completed in just minutes. Almost instantly, Friendly Finance sends applicants’ information to their vast loan network, which begins working immediately to provide customers with custom financing that meets their needs.

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Name: Layton Brooks

Phone Number: 0333 051 7038

Address: 1/935 Boskruin Ext 27, Johannesburg, Gauteng


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