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Free Driving Record Report Search

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In some states, not all, you can find a free driving record report by going into the relevant DMV and requesting a copy. Many times however there is a nominal fee to process this request. The second option to obtain a driving record report is to use a driving record report search through a 3rd party online public records website. Most driving record database services are not free so you might have to search around. In the above field you can perform a free preliminary driving record search by entering a first and last name. Then if you’re interested in obtain more information about someone’s driving history, including your own, you can choose from a few different membership options. All our driving record searches are anonymous and confidential, no one will know you’re looking up their driving record information.

What is a Driving Record Report?

You may be wondering what a driving record report is. A driving record is a public record that shows any traffic citations, driving history, years of driving experience and any DUI/DWis you might have received. If you have ever been found at fault for a traffic accident, it will also show up on your driving record.

If you have ever been issued a traffic citation, you may be wondering how long it will stay on your driving record. The answer to this depends on the nature of the violation and the state that you live in.

Collisions and minor traffic citations, such as speeding tickets, will stay on your record for three to seven years. A major traffic violation, such as driving under the influence, can stay on your record for up to ten years.

DMV Free Driving Record Report

A DMV free driving record report might be available depending on your state. Some DMV offices charge a nominal fee to process a copy of a person’s driving record or driving abstract. See our nationwide DMV Finder for more information about your local DMV and if they offer a free driving record report.

Driving Record Report Online

Because of the utility of a good driving record can have on them, a lot of people want to know how to look up these records, but many do not know where to start. There are many online public record repositories that claim they have driving records available for a small fee. Some of the more comprehensive websites offer a membership to view detailed information and get multiple online driving record searches.

Driving Record Report and Insurance Companies

Your driving record is important to insurance companies. Insurance companies closely monitor the driving records of all their members. If you have any speeding tickets or accidents on your driving record report, your insurance premium could go up. You may be dropped by your insurance company if you receive too many traffic citations. Monitoring your driving record and correcting any errors can save you a lot of coin.

Free Driving Record Report Information

Driving Record Report Online
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Free Driving Record Report

Driving Record Reports Include

  1. Driver History
  2. Traffic Citations
  3. DUIs
  4. Arrest Records
  5. Warrants
  6. Court Records
  7. Criminal History
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