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Foxhill Clothing Company is Wisconsin’s Hottest Clothing Company

Foxhill Clothing Company provides a fresh interpretation of clothing for the successful.


Madison, WI, July 19, 2022— Foxhill Clothing Company is taking the fashion industry by storm with their bespoke clothing products.

More is less for the Wisconsin-based clothing line. The design of Foxhill’s clothing is simplistic, yet speaks a thousand words with its bold design. Foxhill clothing can be worn for just about any event.

Whether you are looking to rep out ten more at the gym, going on a brunch date, or hosting a business meeting, you can look stylish in Foxhill clothing. Foxhill clothing is truly perfect for everyday wear.

The creation of FoxHill as a brand and idea comes from love itself. The goal of Foxhill Clothing Company is to make you feel loved and at home in your body when wearing FoxHill without compromising high quality, style, or design.

The inspiration for Foxhill Clothing Company was born out of the idea of love.

“The idea came about after the passing of my mother and my brother as a way to stay connected to them. My mom and I have always celebrated our birthdays together, seeing as she was walking across the stage for graduation on her birthday as her water broke and she started to go into labor. There were complications during the delivery and I wasn’t alive at birth. So, I didn’t take my first breath till the day after her birthday. She said we always celebrated our birthday together cause I was her miracle baby and I was supposed to be born on her Day, ” recalled Foxhill Clothing Company founder Jack Kingston.

So, Kingston channeled the love, happiness, pain and loss to not only work more on himself, but also create. He began to work on the creation and idea of FoxHill as a way of always having his loved ones close present or past.

For Kingston, Foxhill Clothing Company is so much more than just a business, which motivates him to push himself even harder.

Foxhill Clothing products come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can pick one that truly represents yourself. The unisex clothing can be worn in both warm and cooler weather.

“I really love Jack’s story behind his company, and the shirts themselves are very fashionable. I am thrilled he chose our town to open his company in!” said one Madison resident.

For more information on Foxhill Clothing Company, you can visit Here you can view a full product catalog along with a gallery to get a better idea of how the clothing looks.

What are you waiting for? Check them out today!

About Foxhill Clothing Company:

FoxHill’s aspiration is to inspire the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul with fashion. Creating quality fashion clothing that can be worn to brunch as well as casual or business meetings. Establishing a culture of self-love in clothing that you will love your body in and also even show your work in the gym.

Contact Information:

Jack Kingston
Foxhill Clothing Company
5802 Raymond Rd. Unit 303 Madison Wisconsin 53711

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