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Five Great Reasons to Buy Your Dog a Waterproof Collar and Leash

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Your best friend deserves all the good things, especially if she’s an adventure hound who loves to go kayaking, boating, or hiking with you. These activities strengthen the bond between you and your dog while keeping her fit and exercised. But all those doggy water sports and frolicking through muddy areas can destroy accessories like dog collars and leashes.

Saltwater leeches color out of woven accessories and damages the seams. Water of any kind will warp a leather collar or leash. Even if you buy a designer dog collar that costs a fortune, if it stays wet for hours after your dog’s fun is over, it will be uncomfortable and could chaff her ski. For dogs who love water and spend a lot of time in or around it, a waterproof dog collar and leash are ideal for several reasons.

Waterproof Collars and Leashes Last

Nylon, cotton, and leather will all stretch out of shape when they get wet, twisting out of shape and making them uncomfortable. A stretched-out collar also makes it easier for your best friend to slip out of her collar and get into trouble or get lost. Pupups’ waterproof leashes and collars are also fade resistant to keep their vivid colors long after their woven counterparts have faded from chlorine, salt, and sun. Don’t worry about having to replace worn-out collars and leashes constantly. Pupups’ dog collars and leashes will last for years and still look great long after others have ended up in the trash. The best leashes for your Frenchie puppy!

No More Stink, No More Bacteria


We’ve all had our dogs do foolish things – rolling in goose poop, nudging a neighborly skunk, or worse. Sadly, these kinds of antics can destroy a collar. All those germs and all that grossness gets into the woven threads of a regular collar. If you don’t clean it properly, the bacteria can grow and multiply. You may have to toss the collar and leash entirely rather than continuing to use them. There are no worries with a waterproof dog collar and leash because the only dirt will be surface dirt that’s easy to wash away.

Bad Weather Isn’t a Problem

Even if your dog is usually a couch potato, preferring re-Runs of Pit Bulls and Parolees to outdoor adventures, he no doubt goes for walks and ventures outdoors to relieve his needs. Just a few minutes in the snow or rain can soak through a leather or woven collar. Your dog ends up with chaffed, cold skin, or you have to remove their collar to let it dry after every trip outside. What a hassle! The designer dog collars at Pupups never absorb water or odors, making them convenient and comfortable.

Easy Cleanup

Woven and leather collars are difficult to clean. They stain easily and, in some cases, it’s impossible to remove the stains. Our designs combine the rugged durability of a mesh webbing with a waterproof coating so that it never frays or fades and stands up to any water adventure. Whether your pet is swimming in the ocean or running through a muddy field, a quick rinse removes salt, mud, and anything else he encounters. Forget about the washing machine!

Comfortable Year-Round

Does your dog chafe at having to wear a heavy, metal chain collar? Does a woven collar irritate him after it becomes frayed? Every dog collar and matching leash at Pupups is lightweight, fray-resistant, and smooth for a comfortable fit that won’t aggravate skin or get caught in long coats. Make sure your dog is comfortable in every season with a dog collar and matching leash in one of our fun, original designs.

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