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Fiat Lux Optometry Welcomes You

Fiat Lux Optometry, a quality eye care optometrist based in Yorba Linda, California, is here to provide you with top-quality eye care.


Yorba Linda, CA, December 15, 2021— Caring for your eyes is very important, and thanks to Fiat Lux Optometry, eye care has never been easier! Fiat Lux Optometry is one of California’s top optometrists, and their office is located in the heart of Yorba Linda.

The California-based Optometry office values customer service and will provide you with the personalized care you deserve.

“At Fiat Lux Optometry, we believe that trust and quality are the two main components in choosing your doctor and addressing your unique visual needs,” said Dr. Kim, one of the lead optometrists at Fiat Lux.

The Yorba Linda office utilizes state-of-the-art technology and was just renovated in 2020. The office has free parking, and welcomes walk-ins!

Fiat Lux offers a variety of important services. Their comprehensive eye exams can help detect eye conditions or other serious health conditions. In addition, these routine exams are helpful for maintaining the best vision possible.

The technicians at Fiat Lux have years of experience and are well trained.

Fiat Lux can provide you with the best eyewear possible. Whether you are looking for glasses or contacts, Fiat Lux Optometry has you covered! 

The Yorba Linda Optometry team has carefully curated their frame collection. The collection has many different styles to cater to your individual taste. They carry the top designer brands so you can look slick whilst wearing them.

If you are not a fan of glasses, Fiat Lux can also provide you with comfortable contacts that will discretely improve your vision. Like the frame collection, there are a number of contact brands to choose from as well.

“We give our customers an array of options to choose from because everyone has different tastes, and we want to accommodate everyone,” said Dr. Arellano.

The team can also perform eye wellness screening to detect any potential eye conditions. They provide the most in-depth eye exam Yorba Linda has ever seen!

The office is open Tuesday through Saturday. To contact the office, you can give them a call, write them an email, or fill out a contact form which can be found on their website.

Also available on the website are extensive breakdowns of the services provided, more information on Fiat Lux Optometry, and even a frame catalog so you can find the right product. 

Fiat Lux is the best optometrist Yorba Linda has to offer!

About Fiat Lux Optometry: It all started with bringing a quality eye care optometrist to Yorba Linda, Ca. Dr. Arellano (Owner of Focal Point Optometry in Fullerton and Orange) and Dr. Kim (top optometrist with decades of experience) are the lead specialists at Fiat Lux. With the love for the local community and stellar reviews in the other office locations. They believed that Yorba Linda was the perfect place to go to next. Fiat Lux Optometry welcomes you!

Contact Information:

Dr. Kim
Fiat Lux Optometry, 17451 Bastanchury Rd, Suite 104C-1, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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