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Fake Online Shopping Websites-Raising Awareness

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We started econsumermatters to provide you with the list of best products however, the scammers are on the rise out there ripping people off by using fake online shopping websites. In this article we are going to share some of the fake online shopping websites we came across. Also, we highly encourage you to share the list of fake shopping, scamming websites in comment section below. So, other people can be aware of that and avoid losing their hard earned money to these fake shopping websites.

Please report fake scam sites to and FTC

Before sharing the list of some fake online shopping sites, we want to reveal the things you should keep in mind before trusting any website.

How To Identify Fake Websites

The following tips are beneficial but know that the fraudulent, the fakers are becoming smart and they will try to deceive you by any means. You will find that there are many websites which looks very real, but they are scam. However, there are general guidelines to save you and your loved ones from these con artists.

Domain Name

Most scammers try to boggle your mind by using popular brand names in their domain like they are the real sellers however, they are not. Also, their website appear as selling real products from authentic and very famous brands, but they all are fake.

About page

You will find fake shopping website about us page empty, full of errors or copy pasted stuff from some other real retailer out there. Most of the scammers now a days just mimic about us page from real brands. So be cautious!

Extremely Cheap Rates

If you end up finding a shopping site which is offering extremely cheap rates than normal market or from original retailer then that website is surely a scam. We have seen fake online shopping websites listing premium gaming laptops under $100. Surely, no real retailer or even manufacturer can sell you a premium gaming laptop that cheap.

The criteria goes for every item out there. Know the real pricing, yes retailers do offers discount but if you see a very steep discount on some shopping site run away from it.

Payment Methods

Most of the scamming websites will ask you to make payment via bank transfer but now majority of them are busted thanks to people who are working to take them out by raising awareness. But the scammers are not stopped they will try to take your payment by any method. Some of will ask for a credit card information on their website but will not be backed by any Famous Payment gateway like Paypal, stripe etc. So, if any company is trying to sell you things without offering secure payment option, they are a scam and never ever try to buy anything from them.

Fake Reviews

To make their site look real they will have testimonials page just like real retailers, but the surprising thing is that fake shopping websites reviews are 100 percent fake just like them. You will see majority of 5 star ratings also, you are not allowed to rate any product. So, beware of those websites which only shows their pros and not cons.

Fake shipping and return Policies

Like fake about us page their shipping and return policies will also be unrelated and fake and most probably copy pasted from bigger brands. We have listed some of the fake online shopping websites to give you overall idea how they operate.

Some of the Fake online Shopping Websites

We have listed some of the fake online shopping websites below to make you understand that how they look but we need your help to keep this list going. Share this list with your loved ones, friends and everyone you know. Also, send us the name of fake online shopping websites and your experience with them in comment section below.

fake online shopping website



See the image above. Nothing is matching. Their brand name is blackrolego, the only support they are offering is via email and even email is not matching the domain. Its hilarious!

See their “about us” page image below. Pretty fake right? Their domain name is blackrolego their support email is giftsmeme and on about us page they are Zozytore which apparently selling apparel, jewelry and stuff. Moreover, they have 300k customers 😂.

fake shopping site about us page

fake online shopping website which preying on people who are looking to purchase high end laptops. Look at the pricing in image below! Clearly Fake

fake laptop shopping site

Now we have looked more closely their shipping page and look what we found. Clearly fake site!

Another example is they are supposedly selling you premium clothing line for a very cheap pricing but If you see their return and refund policy you will be laughing, we have captured the image for you. See below

This website is clearly a scam. Their refund policy is not even matching with the supposedly premium clothing they are selling.


We created this article to raise awareness. As, we are consumers like you and we want to protect you as well from falling into shopping scams. There are thousands of fake online shopping websites right now. But they are spot able if you look closely. The above example list of some of the fake online shopping websites is to highlight the issue and how these websites appear.

We solely cannot take them down. So, again we ask you fellows to share scamming sites in comment section below and share this article with as much as people possible to raise awareness against these scums of a society who are looting people.

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