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Exploring the Functionality of AV Smart Homes

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The smarthome industry is expected to reach $289 billion by 2030 as people achieve both convenience and peace of mind with the help of automation technology.

If you are wondering what new gadgets to add to your home, take a look at the features of AV smarthomes to get some great ideas.

Here are some of the most sought-after smart technology upgrades for your home.

What are AV Smarthomes?

Syncing your home’s technology with your electronic devices allows for complete home automation. AV smarthomes do this and more as they include more style, ambiance, and convenience than ever before.

It also adds a new level of control, allowing you to adjust your home’s condition even when you aren’t in it. And AV smarthome capabilities, in particular, make entertaining easier and simply more attractive.

Right Amount of Light

A new smart home build may first include smart lighting options during the initial electrical setup. You can also add smart technology to your lighting after construction. Either way, lighting your home with smarthome technology means creating the perfect ambiance for the moment.

For example, you can adjust or dim your lights after dinner while sitting on the couch ready to watch a movie without having to turn the lights off around your house. Instead, click a preset automation light option to set the mood for any occasion.

You may also set light timers to have the lights go out at night or when you are at work. This ensures that no unused lights stay on, costing you unnecessary money.

In addition, lighting timers provide safety when outdoor lights like your driveway or porch light flicker on right at the moment you arrive to light your way.

Home Surveillance Systems

Smart home automation helps keep your home safe by making monitoring and securing it easy. Home surveillance like motion-detecting cameras, doorbell ring viewing, and video recording let you know what is going on in and around your property at all times.

Floodlights deter intruders while thermal detection acts as a backup to motion sensors, adding extra layers of security.

Use video and audio in an upgraded intercom system to see and speak to someone at the door to avoid letting in unwanted guests. You can even integrate intercoms throughout your home to speak with your family without leaving the room or when out of the house.

Full-Service Home Entertainment

Home technology is always improving, especially when it comes to entertainment. AV smart home theaters make your experience even more enjoyable, from a smart TV to using surround sound. And, these electronics have the added element of elegance because they complement your home’s style.

Include a retractable projector, automated LED backlights, and incorporated retracting shades to instantly make your home a movie theater. Other high-tech TV reveals include a mirrored TV for any room (including the bathroom) that turns your mirror into a TV.

Or you can store your TV in the floor for extra space and style. Then click a button to transform an elegant living room into a family movie night.

Use surround sound to add that extra touch by integrating speakers with your visual reveals.

You can create a personal setting for all these features and adjust them without leaving your spot on the couch.

Fitness Mixed With Technology

Working out has become more fun and comfortable because you can do it at home without sacrificing quality. This is achieved using AV smart technology like fitness mirrors and virtual treadmills.

Connect with live trainers who feel like they are right there with you, so you never lose encouragement. Smart technology makes learning new workouts more accessible without leaving your home, so you can explore activities without limitations.

Add real-life audio and visual elements that work in unison to make your bike ride through a virtual park almost as good as the real thing.

Home Appliances that Work for You

The average American uses about 10,632 kilowatts of energy per hour every year. Your home’s appliances contribute to a lot of this energy usage.

Connecting your home appliances to your smartphone grid can help reduce power consumption. It does so by allowing you to turn appliances on and off from anywhere and anytime.

If you are on vacation but forgot to shut off your AC, then you won’t have to worry about wasting your energy. Just adjust your thermostat to off without rushing home.

You can also make your home more comfortable for your arrival. Switch on the heat before you come home from work or a long vacation in the winter so that you aren’t entering an Arctic home.

Other smart appliances like a washer, dryer, and refrigerator contribute to energy saving by adjusting water temperatures, detecting wet/dry clothes, and controlling the temperature for various food sections.

Inside Comforts Outside

Bring these technologies to your patio or lawn to add additional comfort to your home.

Entertaining guests outside without removing the tech begins with waterproof electronics such as TVs and speakers. These items can be included on your smart device so that you can be a good host instead of dealing with technical issues.

Lighting is also important to keep your outdoor gathering going. Use gradual lighting options to go with the setting of the sun, ensuring your guests aren’t left in the dark while waiting for the lights to come on.

AV Smarthomes Blend Comfort, Style, and Security

In the past, the more gadgets you had meant the more complex your life became and the more technical skills you needed to make them function together. Now, AV smarthomes make multi-technology easy through integration so that you can enjoy comfort, style, and security without being an expert techie.

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