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Expert Tips to Ensure Your Countertop Installation Goes Off without a Hitch

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Countertop installation is one of the most popular projects when it comes to kitchen remodeling and for a good reason. Not only do new counters have the power to transform the style and overall aesthetic of your kitchen, but they can make the space more functional and durable too.

If you’re ready to ditch the old, beige laminate countertops in your kitchen and install something more sophisticated, our team wants to help out. %COMPANY% has been installing countertops for years and we know how to ensure every project is completed without issue.

Want more help with your countertop installations than just a blog post? Give our team a call! We’re excited to help you transform your kitchen with gorgeous, high-quality counters.

Choose the Right Material

There are countless countertop materials available in today’s market and sifting through your options and finding counters that match the style of your kitchen can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Every different material has its own unique benefits, however, so considering these factors may get you on the right track.

Here is a breakdown of the industry’s most popular countertop materials:

Natural stone

Natural stone is a fabulous countertop option with unmatched durability, longevity, and timeless style. Natural stone will require sealing however and can be susceptible to stains. It is also typically a more expensive option.

Engineered Stone

Often referred to as quartz, engineered stone is a mix of various resins and natural stone. Quartz is easy to clean, resistant to heat and scratches, and beautiful in its own way. It doesn’t, however, have the same organic look as natural stone.


Wood is a countertop classic that wears beautifully and doubles as a giant cutting board. Unfortunately, it is more susceptible than harder materials to damage and staining and requires food-friendly sealing.


Laminate counters come in a range of styles and colors. They are typically one of the most affordable options but aren’t quite as durable or long-lasting as stone.

These are really just a few of the fantastic countertop materials available on the market. Are you interested in concrete countertops? Stainless steel or tile countertops perhaps? Let our experts know. We can chat with you about the options listed above and so much more.

Hire Help

Countertop installation is not a DIY project. It requires a high degree of skill and industry know-how to install countertops properly and you don’t want to leave the results up to chance. Instead, we encourage you to hire a contractor that has ample experience installing countertops. A good contractor will help you measure your space and order materials that are going to fit perfectly. Once the countertop materials are placed, experts will use high-quality sealants to ensure that everything is set in place, and ready to be enjoyed for years to come.

If hiccups occur during the installation an experienced contractor will know how to make quick changes to ensure that your kitchen renovation stays on schedule too.

Prepare Your Space Adequately

If you’re completing a top-to-bottom kitchen renovation, your countertops may be one of the last things that are installed. This is because your countertops will sit on top of your cabinets, appliances, plumbing, and electrical work. You want to ensure that all these other installations are completed and fitted to their long-term locations before the countertop installation gets underway.

Consider Safety

For a safe and seamless countertop installation, we always ask our clients to ensure that their kitchen space is freshly cleaned and clear of clutter – this includes clearing out cabinetry and removing objects that could fall from above. Not only will this allow your installation to be completed quickly but it will ensure that your kitchen and your contractors are safe during the process.

Be Prepared for Installation Day

On the day of the installation, we always encourage our clients to be present. If there are any last-minute issues or changes to be made it is easier for contractors to be able to discuss these variables face to face and show you the problem in person. You should leave the workers an adequate amount of time to complete the installation and add sinks, faucets, and any other final touches before their departure.

The duration of your installation will vary depending on the layout of your kitchen and the size and weight of the countertops you’re installing. If you are working on a time crunch, let your contractors know. The team will be realistic with you about how long the installation should take and when your space will be ready for use.

Clean Up and Enjoy Your Space!

When the installation is complete you are almost ready to start cooking and enjoying your space but there is likely a bit of cleanup to do first. We recommend that our clients do the following post-installation:

  • Open the kitchen windows to air out the fumes
  • Clean the new counters with warm water and a soft cloth
  • Use a vacuum to clear away dust from the floors and surfaces
  • Refill your cupboards

Transform Your Kitchen Space with Top-Tier Countertops

Countertop installation is no small project and it can cost a pretty penny depending on the kind of material you decide on – with this in mind you want to ensure that you are adequately prepared for what’s to come and our expert contractors want to help you get there.

%COMPANY% is the team to call if you want your kitchen reno to be executed seamlessly. We take great pride in what we do and are excited to have completed dozens of kitchen renovations in the local area and beyond.

So, whether you are looking to install beautiful quartz countertops in a traditional kitchen or if you’re going with concrete for a more industrial look, our experts can help to ensure your counters fit perfectly.

To learn more about our expertise or to schedule a kitchen consultation today, give us a call at your convenience at %PHONE1%.

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