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Exclusive 55-Page Guidebook Tells What You Need to Know Before Filing for Divorce


Sacramento, CA, January 23, 2023— A renowned Sacramento community guide is lending couples and divorcees a lending hand, by launching an exclusive e-book about how to cope and deal with divorce.

Created by experts, Sacramento Top 10 publishes exclusive features with professionals within a variety of industries. And now, the platform has officially launched their first ever downloadable e-book about What You Need to Know Before Filing for Divorce.

Completely free to download, and written with expert information and opinion, the digital book is a comprehensive guide to everything people should consider if they are going through a divorce.

“Getting a divorce can be expensive,” writes Sacramento Top 10, “but if you know where to look, you can find ways to save money.”

And this e-book helps divorcees do just that – by providing them with free and practical ways to pursue divorce in a painless way, with top tips, advice and things couples must understand before jumping head-first into their divorce journey.

Sacramento Top 10 states that people who are married have a 33% chance of getting divorced in the first ten years of marriage, making this guide a vital asset of information that is needed more than ever right now, for a huge number of people who live within the United States.

The e-book is now free to download on their website, and includes information such as the types of expenses people should expect, the time they will need to set aside for logistics, and even shows people how to determine how complex a divorce settlement might be – depending on each situation. Once someone has understood their own situation, they can then look to book an attorney with the right fees and experience to suit them.

“Going head-first into divorce can be a minefield for many,” says Zachary Allen, writer of the brand new, free e-book and divorce attorney.

“Not many people understand the full cost of the experience, and by this I mean the time, fees, expenses, and impact on well-being. It’s far safer for those who are going through a divorce to dedicate some time to understand exactly what they’re going into, to ensure the process is simple and easier for both parties.”

The process can become a costly drag on finances during the whole process, and so the book also covers how to cope with complex situations such as uncooperative spouses, and how to book an ideal attorney.

“In the e-book, couples and individuals will find full explanations of certain topics, along with snippets of information which I’m sure will help many people navigate the otherwise complicated world of divorce.”

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To download a completely FREE version of this divorcee e-guide, please download the digital version, here: Sacramento Top 10 Legal

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