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Everything You Need to Know About Golf Carts

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Golf carts were originally designed to carry golfers as they make short distances trips around the golf course. Usually small and simple in design, they can carry up to eight passengers depending on the make and model. As technology advances, the manufacturers continue to modify these golf carts and they are now giving more advantages and different uses to the owners. They became a handy mode of transportation not just for golfers but for the neighborhood and even small businesses. So if we are considering getting a golf cart for your personal or business use, you should consider different factors.

Where To Buy Your First Golf Cart

There are many options to choose from and it can be confusing if it is your first time buying a golf cart. At River City Golf Carts, we have a huge selection of new and pre-owned golf carts that you can choose from. We also have a dedicated team of experts that can provide full-service maintenance and repair of golf carts. With River City Golf Carts, you can request onsite pick-up and delivery. Being the experts in golf carts, we own the most advanced technology for any repairs needed. It is important for you to buy your first golf cart in a customer-oriented store, so you can be assured that your questions and worries as a first-time buyer will be answered professionally.

The Advantages of Golf Carts Over Bigger Mechanical Cars

There are many advantages to using a golf cart. One of them is the option of an electrical model. You can save on fuel costs if you choose an electric golf cart. Aside from saving money, you also help save the environment by not adding to pollution. Because golf carts are very easy to maneuver, seniors can use them as an alternative mode of transportation when making short trips within the neighborhood or going to a store or supermarket. Golf carts are very easy to maintain compared to an actual big car. And because golf carts are widely used around the world, parts and accessories are readily available in stores like River City Golf Carts.

For small businesses, golf carts are very useful in operations and logistics. Staff can work faster and transport goods in no time which increases their productivity without spending big on fuel or maintenance costs of a big car. It is easier to drive and park in small areas. No need to hire professional drivers because anyone can drive it effortlessly, no complicated operations to make! Whatever the nature of the business is, surely there is a big advantage from a golf cart!

Our Options and Considerations: Golf Cart Buying Guide

If it is your first time buying a golf cart, we will list the following considerations. First is why are you buying one and what is the purpose of the golf cart. It could be for personal, business, family use, etc. There will be plenty of models available but you have to choose the one that suits your needs. At River City Golf Carts, new and pre-owned models are both in excellent condition. They provide high-quality golf carts that will surely serve your needs for a long time.

If we are choosing for your business, choose a model that can carry extra luggage at the back and with bigger wheels. They are usually heavier and ready for bigger responsibilities. You can add accessories such as cargo bins and storage. These golf carts come in different colors too, so you may want to choose the one that represents your company colors. You can also have your company logo printed on the body of the golf cart, to make it an official representation of your business. How great is that?

If you want to get a cart for family use, that includes seniors and kids as users or drivers, get a simpler model. There are 4-seaters, 6-seaters and even 8-seaters available for bigger families. You can include accessories such as speaker systems, covers, and wine coolers that will make your family picnic comfortable. Many golf cart communities are using these golf carts for their neighborhood stroll, weekend getaways, movie dates, and even grocery shopping.

Conclusion and Additional Tips and Trivias

Every golf cart model has specialized safety and comfort features to offer. They can come with portable battery chargers, cup holders, plastic enclosures for rain protection. You can also ask the experts about personalizing your golf cart to your advantage. The experts in stores like River City Golf Carts can advise you of the features good for addition. Make sure to only buy genuine parts and accessories to avoid malfunctioning and accidents.

When you are making a purchase, you can always check for financing options available so you can maximize the value for your money. Pre-owned golf carts are usually cheaper but it doesn’t mean that they are less efficient than the new ones.

These environmentally-friendly golf carts are widely used in some areas of America. Some of the largest golf cart communities are in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, California, and Arizona. In California, it was in the year 2014 when a new law finally made it legal for golf carts to drive on the local streets.

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