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European Kitchen Cabinets

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With over 1,000 kitchens being made every day, Bauteam has been the leading supplier of high quality European Kitchen Cabinets for over 100 years.

With BauTeam, these aren’t mere cabinets; they are pieces of art meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials…

In every detail, European kitchen cabinets by BauTeam are a testament to an unyielding commitment to quality. Each element is selected with the utmost care and precision, ensuring your cabinets not only stand the test of time but also stand as an embodiment of style and elegance in your kitchen.

The superior quality of the materials used in European kitchen cabinets forms the foundation for their exceptional durability, functionality, and timeless appeal.


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When it comes to the craftsmanship of European kitchen cabinets, precision and perfection are paramount. There are many European kitchen cabinet manufacturers, but none have been able to stand the test of time like BauTeam

Our machines, guided by cutting-edge technology, ensure every cut, every measurement, and every alignment is precise down to the millimeter.

This level of precision can’t be achieved through manual craftsmanship alone. This fusion of technology and craftsmanship ensures each cabinet component fits seamlessly with the others, resulting in a sleek, smooth, and perfect finish.

You will not find this level of quality at your local cabinet shop. The label “Made In Germany” signifies a level of precision that is unseen anywhere else in the world.


Innovative Design

When you hear the phrase ‘European style kitchen cabinets‘, let your mind travel across the picturesque landscapes of Europe, capturing its rich culture, history, and creativity. This is the canvas upon which the designs of BauTeam cabinets are painted…

European style kitchen cabinets are a harmonious fusion of innovation and aesthetics.

With BauTeam, our cabinets are born from the minds of skilled designers who draw inspiration from the diverse European cultures. Traditional, contemporary, or a seamless blend of both, the designs are as varied as the continent itself.

One distinct feature of BauTeam European kitchen cabinets that underlines our innovative design is the lack of ornamentation.

The simplicity of the design allows the quality of materials and the functionality of the cabinets to take center stage, reflecting the philosophy of “less is more”.



When you think of your ideal kitchen, every aspect from the cabinet color to the type of handles holds a significant place in your vision. The beauty of BauTeam European kitchen cabinets is that they give you the power to turn this vision into a reality.

From exclusive finishes to customized storage like magic corners, you’ll be able to elevation your kitchen experience with a design that is tailor made for your requirements…

At BauTeam, we don’t do run-of-the-mill, and our clients wouldn’t expect anything less. You can see this in our BauTeam Kitchens al the way up to our BT45 Collection.

When it comes to creating a space that is conducive to your life’s expectations, or simply a beautiful space to wake up to and enjoy your morning routine, BauTeam is here to make your vision a reality…


Get Our Signature Design Package For Free!

We’ll Design Your Kitchen, Provide You With A 90 Min In-Studio Design Consultation With Our Expert Design Team & Do An In-Home Field Measurement At No Cost To You. This Service is Valued at $2,900. 

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Attention To Detail

When you can spot 1mm from a mile away, you have an understanding of attention to detail at a much higher level than the rest of the people standing next to you.

It’s often said that ‘the devil is in the detail’, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to European kitchen cabinets by BauTeam. Allow yourself to delve into the finer aspects of these cabinets and discover a world where each minute detail has been thoughtfully considered and impeccably executed.

Even the interior of the cabinets is not overlooked. Organizational features such as shelves, racks, and drawers are designed with care to provide efficient storage solutions. Their placement and design are carefully calculated to maximize space utilization and convenience.

The profound attention to detail in every aspect of a BauTeam kitchen is a testament to our commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship. It’s this meticulous approach that ensures your kitchen doesn’t just look great, but functions perfectly, making every moment you spend in your kitchen a pleasure. The essence of European kitchen cabinets lies in this harmony of form and function, created by a deep-rooted attention to detail.


Environmental Sustainability

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to make choices that contribute to a sustainable future. Picture a world where every decision you make, including your choice of kitchen cabinets, contributes positively to our planet. European kitchen cabinets not only offer style and functionality but also align with these values of environmental responsibility.

“Europe is know for having standards that are much higher than the rest of the world when it comes to the environment…”

European kitchen cabinet manufacturers show their commitment to sustainability through several practices.

The woods used in crafting BauTeam cabinets are not sourced from just any forests. They are responsibly sourced from well-managed forests where trees are grown specifically for production purposes, ensuring natural forests are not depleted.

Moreover, many European cabinet manufacturers use low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints and finishes. These substances are less harmful to the environment and your health as they release fewer toxic emissions into the air during application and drying.


Seamless Integration

Envision a kitchen where every utensil, every appliance, and every ingredient has its own designated space, where everything is at arm’s reach when you need it, yet hidden away to create a clutter-free, aesthetically pleasing environment.

European kitchen cabinets are designed to turn this vision into reality, embodying space efficiency in every aspect.

BauTeam kitchens are known for being able to integrate functional spaces that are hidden until you choose to use them. Form a hidden workstation, to appliances, to a fully functional bar your BauTeam kitchen will become a statement piece for your guests that will leave them talking when they leave your next event…

“Design Is Intelligence Made Visible…”

-Alina Wheeler

With full-access frameless construction you get complete access to your cabinets and everything inside. This increases your storage space compared to a local face-frame cabinet by removing the lip around the edge.

It’s the sleek modern look that Bauteam European kitchen cabinets are known for.

The clever utilization of corner spaces is another aspect where BauTeam cabinets shine. In many kitchens, corner spaces go underutilized due to their difficult-to-reach nature.

However, with innovative solutions like magic corners and carousel shelves, our European kitchen cabinets turn these tricky spaces into functional storage areas, ensuring not a single inch is wasted.


Compatibility With All Major Appliance Brands

BauTeam European Kitchen Cabinets allow you to equip your kitchen with top of the line appliance brands like Miele, Gaggenau & PITT

This level of compatibility allows you the luxury on enjoying the highest quality appliances while creating a harmonious, sophisticated, and efficient space.

The aim is to create a unified kitchen space where cabinets and appliances exist not as separate entities but as parts of a cohesive whole.

To this end, European kitchen cabinets are designed to accommodate and complement appliances of all major brands, whether it’s a high-tech refrigerator, an elegant oven, or a sleek dishwasher.

The integration of appliances is achieved through the use of clever design techniques. Built-in appliances are a common feature in kitchens with European cabinets, providing a seamless and sleek look. With this approach, appliances are fitted within the cabinetry, resulting in a uniform appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.


Advance Functionality

European kitchen cabinets are synonymous with smart storage solutions. Their design philosophy revolves around the idea that every cabinet should serve a distinct purpose and make your life easier. This concept is brought to life through a variety of innovative features.

From soft close hinges to drawers that can hold 150lbs+ you’ll find that BauTeam kitchens have the ability to create an environment so advance that you’ll end up with a kitchen that you’ll never want to leave…

Integrated lighting that functions with you, not by you. Custom inserts that are designed for each piece of cook ware so you’re never fumbling through a drawer again. Door that lift and drawers that open with the slightest push of a button. You’ll have more than just a place to cook.


Exceptional Customer Service

The customer service of BauTeam is like no other. From complimentary design services, in-studio consultations, field measurements at no charge, custom coffee for your client appointments, private events for trade professionals, and a manufacturing facility that makes fulfillment look like taking candy from a baby, you will be treated as family. You will be treated as one with the team.

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