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Email Testing: The Secret to Leveraging Email Marketing

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Top reasons for an email testing tool

With there being so many ways of reaching your customers today, is email marketing still important?

First things first; More than half the world (55%) or 4.3 billion people are connected to the internet. To do anything meaningful online, you MUST have an email address. Some may argue that social media accounts are growing at an alarming rate; however, you need an email address to open a social media account. The opposite isn’t true.

There will be approximately 5.5 billion email accounts against a projected 2.77 billion social media users by the end of 2019. Even if we consider the fact that most people have more than one email, it is accurate to assume that all the 4.3 billion internet users in the world have at least one email given it’s the first thing you need when you go online.

But what about email marketing vs. social media marketing? Someone can argue that most internet users spend more time on social media than on their email accounts. Well, from an online marketing standpoint, it’s all about conversion. Which medium is more effective in selling? Email or social media?

The latest statistics estimate the conversion rate of email to be three times higher than that of social media. What’s more, there are more
consumers in email lists purely for brand/promotional information purposes than there are consumers in social media for the same purpose (60%vs. 20% respectively).

There’s a clear winner between email marketing and social media marketing. However, using email doesn’t guarantee you success. There is one commonly overlooked factor in email marketing campaigns – email testing! Why is email testing crucial?

Top reasons for an email testing tool

  1. Email testing will keep you out of the spam folder
    Email marketing may still be the most effective online marketing method for brands looking for serious consumers. However, if emails don’t reach the end user, it doesn’t matter if you are using the best marketing method. Popular email services today like Gmail and Yahoo are notorious for sending legitimate emails to the spam folder. Ever-changing spam filter algorithms are to blame for this. To ensure your emails get to your customer’s inbox, you must test new emails every time before sending.
    With an email testing tool like EPS, email marketers, agencies, and email designers can ensure they reach the inbox (not the spam folder) of
    their target customer. The email testing platform can identify and fix common email deliverability issues before emails are sent. There are many factors that land emails in the spam folder from using unrecognizable sender names and blacklisted IP addresses to using “Spam trigger words” and “heavy” attachments. You can’t possibly consider all these factors manually every time you send a promotional email.
  2. Email display/rendering is complex and ever-changing
    The email landscape is heavily fragmented, which results in tens of thousands of potential displays depending on factors like webmail service in use and email client. Without email testing, it is impossible to know if your emails look good regardless of the subscriber reading them and what
    webmail service they are using. Considering email rendering can change unexpectedly, an email you worked on yesterday may look completely different today.
    With EmailPreviewServices, you can preview emails in the most popular devices and email services today in seconds and avoid the people who unsubscribe because of poor email display-related issues.
  3. Email testing avoids broken links
    It might seem obvious for a sender to check email links before sending, but most email campaigns have broken links. A perfectly crafted email that displays well on all devices and webmail services doesn’t matter if the links to your new product or service are broken. Forgetting to update links in emails is a common problem that can be solved through email testing.

The Bottom line: The last thing you should do is compromise your brand image because of an email. What’s more, such a mistake is hard to rectify once it is done. Even if you send a second email, the damage will have already been done. You may lose subscribers in the process.
EmailPreviewServices tests for broken links, eventualities that can land your emails in the spam folder and email display issues among many other things ranging from typos or missing letter/s and words to grammar, punctuation and image-related issues. The cost of email testing clearly outweighs the consequences of sending untested emails.

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