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East Midlands’ Most Dangerous Roads for Bikers

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The most dangerous roads in the United Kingdom are being revealed by insurance companies, charities, and government data. Politicians have even begun to chime in, calling for local roads to be fixed. According to the UKs Department for Transport, there were 36.7 million vehicles licensed in 2016. Of these 30.5 million, or 83 percent, were cars.

Though cars outnumbered motorcycles significantly, making up just one percent of all road traffic, they account for a staggering 19 percent of people involved in fatal accidents. Many think this is unacceptable and have begun creating studies to show how many people die on certain dangerous roads.

Above all things, even the weather, is the mental state of the biker. If the person is not in a proper state of mind, they may ride too fast and become prone to things they would never do otherwise. Riding dangerous roads when irritable, tired, annoyed, or distracted can be very dangerous. It also important to wear the right gear, including a helmet. It is also vital to check the weather, avoid hazardous roads, and show the upmost caution on them.

The Roads Crash Index

A new online resource has been created to enable motorists to check the safety of the roads in their area. Known as the Road Crash Index, this interactive platform was created by the Road Safety Foundation with the goal of mapping the risk of injury and death on the UK’s most dangerous roads. With the support of the insurance company Ageas, the Index creates an annual report on the status of death and injury on specific roads.

According to this report, half of all the road deaths in the UK are concentrated on ten percent of roads. These include motorways and A roads beyond urban limits. Deaths increased in 2016, by four percent creating a five-year high of 1,792 people killed. In addition to their usual report, this year’s annual study identified more than 550 sections of road that are classified as “unacceptably high risk.” This means that less than 4,000 miles of road are classified as black or red.

The report also reveals Great Britain’s highest risk roads and counties. The most dangerous road in the country is the A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton. Glamorgan is the most dangerous county for roads, with a 27 percent increase in fatal and serious accidents. Dunbartonshire is the country’s highest ranked county with a 32 percent reduction in serious crashes.

The Most Dangerous Roads in the East Midlands

According to the specialists at MoneyPug, which is used to find cheap bike insurance, nine out of the ten most dangerous roads in the UK are found in London. This comes from a study done by the insurance company Swinton, which has analyzed government data on accidents in the year 2017.

They have also determined the most risky roads in the East Midlands. Five out of the ten are found in Nottinghamshire. The most dangerous include Nottingham A6002, A6130, and A611, Mansfield A6009 and A60, and Leicester A563 and A594. There is also High Peak A57 and East Northamptonshire A6. The most dangerous of all the roads in the East Midlands was Worcester A38.

Overall, 584 accidents involved motorbikes in the year 2017, which was 400 more than in the North East, the least dangerous region. The East Midlands are nowhere near the most dangerous, however. The number of accidents was 3,000 less than there were in London.

Despite the fact that road traffic deaths went down six percent, the study’s statistics show that one in three motorbike incidents are either serious or fatal. In addition, they determined that the most dangerous day of the week is Friday. But Saturday gets more dangerous every year and Sunday during the midday is the time most fatal accidents occur.

Insurance companies, politicians, and charities all want roads to be fixed and for riders to show caution. The only way to avoid an accident is to have enough experience, remember training, follow traffic laws, avoid dangerous roads, and show the utmost caution. By staying aware, riders can stay safe and avoid accidents. Prudence is the way to avoid tragedies and keep our roads safe.

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