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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Have you ever questioned the connection between addiction and mental illness? Often addiction and mental health issues co-occur in an individual making it harder to break a substance abuse. In these severe cases, it is best to seek out a dual diagnosis treatment center in order to receive the proper treatment for recovery.

Dual diagnosis treatment encompasses therapy and addiction treatment programs while incorporating other holistic methods and medical practices to not only help fight the addiction but treat the root mental strife that prevents someone from fully recovering. Because one disorder can increase the severity or even hide the symptoms of the other it can be hard to self diagnose whether you’re facing a co-occurring disorder and its best to seek counseling from a drug and mental health rehab.

Facts About Dual Diagnosis

  1. It is not rare to have a co-occurring disorder: Studies indicate that alcoholism and drug addiction are often coupled with a mental ailment and about half the individuals facing addiction also have a mental illness.
  2. It can manifest in different ways: Individuals who were dually diagnosed often have different combinations of behavioral health conditions. Some face anxiety with substance abuse or alcoholism with depression or other combinations.
  3. They require professional help: Since there are so many combinations and each illness is unique to the individual it requires a professional individualized addiction treatment programs and therapy regime to adequately treat
  4. Mental Illness makes those more susceptible to abuse: Those facing mental disorders often seek out comfort from substances which leads to increased rates of addiction. The only way to promote lasting recovery is to treat the root cause of mental ailment.

Because of the complexity of Dual Diagnosis, very few facilities can handle the hands-on approach and custom programming it takes to properly heal someone of a co-occurring disorder. That’s why those suffering turn to the experts at Promises Behavioral Health, labeled the best dual diagnosis treatment centers will create an individualized care plan to promote lasting recovery.

We know when treating co-occurring disorders there are no blanket solutions. We ensure we include individuality and patience when treating dual diagnosis. We also ensure that the dual diagnosis treatment moves at a comfortable pace for all our patients.

Causes Of Dual Diagnosis

While the cause varies case by case, environmental, genetic, and physical factors all play a role in why someone develops a co-occurring disorder. Genetic factors can play a role in whether a person develops a mental ailment while also one can occur from trauma done onto an individual due to their environmental situation. In many cases where an extensive amount of stress, trauma, abuse or emotional grief are involved the likely hood of developing a co-occurring disorder is more likely.

Finding a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me

Promises Behavioral Health Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers All Throughout the United States which cater to those seeking both inpatient and outpatient treatment. For more information call 844.875.5609.

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