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Does Monkeypox Leave Scars?

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Last month, reports showed that monkeypox had infected more than 18,000 people and spread to a total of 78 countries. Although the death rate is relatively low, symptoms still abound!

Just when the coronavirus pandemic appears to be on the backend, another virus has sprung upon us. But does monkeypox leave scars that last? That’s what we’re here to tell you.


Read on to find out what monkeypox is, its symptoms, and how to treat it.

What Is Monkeypox?

Passing the monkeypox virus from one person to another can happen via the nasal passages: mouth, throat, and nose. Mainly, it’s spread through making contact with:

  • Saliva
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Breast milk
  • Feces

In addition, humans can receive the virus when interacting with contagious wildlife. In some cases, even ticks and mosquitos can carry the disease, and one can contract it by eating or drinking contaminated food and water.

What Are the Symptoms of Monkeypox?

Monkeypox can cause some nasty side effects. Generally, a headache and fever occur in the early stages of contracting the virus. Then, rashes usually appear within the next few days.

While starting in the face, it often spreads throughout the body. Rashes turn to scabs and naturally die away two weeks later.

An infected person may also experience one or more of the following:

  • Muscle and back pain
  • Spots, blisters, or pustules
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Scars

As with any virus, each person can have a different response. However, rashes, fever, and fatigue are commonly experienced in monkeypox. While pustules generally burst, heal, and clear themselves, you may need treatment in other cases and for some side effects.

How Does Monkeypox Compare to Other Viruses and Diseases?

The symptoms are not unlike that of smallpox or chickenpox. The main contrast with monkeypox is that the rashes are flatter, whereas with smallpox, they’re more raised above the skin.

In addition, while chickenpox almost always affects the entire body, the virus in question won’t always produce the same response – sometimes, you can only see a small number of spots. They can even be mistaken for sexually transmitted infections, like syphilis or herpes, due to their tiny nature that bears striking similarities.

After a diagnosis of monkeypox, improvements are often noticed quickly, and a full recovery is typically made within a couple of weeks.

Does Monkeypox Leave Scars?

When spots or blisters dispel, the scars one is left with can be mild or more severe. In extreme cases, they can be extremely painful and lie deep beneath the skin. Those with lighter skin can make it darker in color, and vice versa.

If you’ve noticed any scars lately where the cause is unknown, monkeypox could be the culprit. However, they’re not always able to spot since they’re often difficult to see. In such cases, they may be unharmful.

But if the scars affect the health of your skin, it’s best to seek help from a medical professional.

What Are Keloid Scars and When Are They a Concern?

On occasion, monkeypox can result in what’s known as keloid scars. Here’s what these scars look like:

  • Larger than mild ones
  • Raised above the skin
  • Pink or reddish in color
  • Leave dark patches around them

The main issue with keloid scarring is that it has a higher chance of leaving permanent scars behind. They can appear on many areas of the body, including the ears, cheeks, shoulders, and chest. But make sure to keep a close eye out since they don’t come with a particular shape that you should expect to see.

If you’re a person with dark skin and have contracted monkeypox, you might be more susceptible to keloid scars, unfortunately. The good news, however, is that you can successfully treat the majority of scars. Keloid scars are no exception.

How Is Monkeypox Treated?

While there’s no particular treatment in place designed especially for monkeypox, measures used for smallpox are applied. These include:

  • Antiviral medications
  • Immunoglobulin procedures

Immunoglobulins work particularly well as a monkeypox treatment for those who are low in antibody levels. They naturally protect against and ward off viruses.

While both measures perform well against smallpox, they’re also showing great promise when dealing with monkeypox! This appears to be because of their commonalities in the viral sphere.

Regarding keloid scars, the first step is to book an appointment with your healthcare provider. They’ll then refer you to a specialist who’ll take an assessment of your skin. Following this, they can then place you on the right treatment plan for you!

What Are the Best Moneypox Prevention Techniques?

The smallpox vaccine is 85% successful in protecting against the monkeypox virus. So although there’s currently no monkeypox vaccine, the one we do have is still very effective indeed!

Ring vaccination tactics have been in effect in some areas involving vaccinating those close in contact with others infected.

Vaccination programs are available in America and can become more widely available if the outbreak does worsen. In fact, experts are confident that the spread of monkeypox will be simpler to prevent, manage, and treat than the recent coronavirus. This is because COVID-19 was airborne, making it much more transmissible, whereas monkeypox isn’t quite as easy to pass on.

How Vaccination and Testing Can Help Stop the Spread

But just like with all new viruses we’re faced with, having effective vaccination programs, and testing protocols in operation can make all the difference. That way, the public is able to become aware of:

  • How transmissible the virus is
  • Current infection rates
  • Prevention tactics to help keep them safe

At Axiom Medical, we offer vaccinations and customizable testing options as part of our occupational health management services. We’ve designed our programs so employees can stay healthy, spend less time off work, and reduce the need for benefits or claims.

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Want to know if you’ve possibly contracted monkeypox? With this easy-to-use technology, you’ll receive accurate reports regarding any symptoms you provide. Then, you can take the right steps to:

  • Get tested for the virus
  • Take time off work if required
  • Stop the spread

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Monkeypox is a real issue we’re facing in our world now. Here, we’ve shown you what monkeypox is and what you can expect if you contract it. But most importantly, we’ve answered: does monkeypox leave scars? Now we know that in some cases, it can. If you’re suffering from scarring, it’s time to talk to your physician. That way, you can ensure your health returns to normal, continue to work, and enjoy a high quality of life.

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