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Do I Need to Hire a Product Liability Lawyer? The Top Signs It’s Time to Lawyer Up

You bought a product that looked amazing, promised incredible results, and seemed like it was made by a trustworthy company. 

But when you used that product, it made you incredibly sick. Perhaps it even injured you in some way due to a faulty design or a lack of proper instructions/labeling. 

Now, you’re concerned about how to ensure justice is done – and that you get a fair settlement. 

Read on to learn the top signs that you need to call a product liability lawyer. 

1. The Defective Product Left You With Serious or Permanent Injuries

If negligent product manufacturing left you with severe or even permanent injuries, you absolutely need to hire a product liability lawyer. 

You should not have to pay the bills for an injury you didn’t cause for the rest of your life.

You’re also entitled to additional compensation for pain and suffering – and often, much more. 

2. You’re Struggling with the Insurance Company

Because you have to deal with the insurance company of the brand that manufactured the faulty product, chances are good that they’ll do everything they can to avoid paying you what they owe. 

You’re too tired and sick to negotiate with them, and you don’t know what to say. 

Let an attorney fight on your behalf – and never accept any offers from their insurance company if you know they’re too low.

3. You’re Missing Work Due to Injuries/Illness

In addition to mounting medical bills, are you experiencing emotional stress and extreme pain? 

You’re likely worried about the potential of lost wages because you’ve been out of work due to your injuries or illness. 

The right representation can help you to win back lost wages paid for the company that manufactured the faulty product. 

To learn more about how to protect your rights as an employee because of an injury, visit the Bley and Evans firm website.

4. You’re Concerned About Your Medical Bills

Roughly 79 million Americans say they’re concerned about being able to afford their medical bills. 

If a manufacturer defect harmed you and caused you to have to seek expensive medical treatment, we know you don’t want to be held responsible for paying for something you didn’t cause. 

Working with a liability lawyer means the company that created the defective product will have to pay for your medical costs. 

5. You Were Exposed to Toxic Chemicals 

If a manufacturing defect or company negligence exposed you to dangerous chemicals, then you should hire an attorney to represent you. 

This is especially important in these cases, as they require lots of scientific and medical tests, interviews, and analysis.

A product liability lawyer can help you to provide the evidence you need to get the settlement you deserve. 

Hire a Product Liability Lawyer Today

Ready to hire a product liability lawyer? 

Before you do, make sure you know exactly what to look for in a legal professional.

You also need to know how to verify their legal credentials, the kinds of evidence and records they may ask for, and the average length of defective product lawsuits. 

Our blog can help you with all that and more, so make sure you keep reading our posts to make the right choice when it comes to your attorney.

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