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Was It Skill Or Just Luck?

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At one time or another we have all day dreamed for a minute or two about what we would do if we won the lottery.New houses,New cars and travel are usually on the list of things we would like to buy but what are our chances of actually getting that once in a lifetime lucky ticket.

Well one statistician once worked the odds out to be something around 14,000,000 to 1,Yes that`s a fourteen million to one chance of getting that elusive winning ticket to riches and freedom.

What if i told you there is a man in Orlando,Florida who has won a lottery jackpot 7 times,Yes SEVEN jackpots,Not to mention all of the hundreds of lower level wins that he still regularly has,When all of his wins are added up it amounts to millions of dollars.

Would you say,Oh he`s just a lucky guy,Or would you think that he must have some kind of a system he is working with,Well i believe in luck up to a point but seven jackpots and hundreds of smaller wins is taking luck a bit far for me.

Of course everybody wants to know how he does it and after finding out more about him he says that he did buy the big house,All the new cars and the dream holidays but he says that the best part by far is having the freedom to live just the way he and his family want to live,Amen to that.

Fortunately for us he talks all about his system and gives us the chance to try it out.I dont know about you but even two or three hundred dollars extra a week would make a difference to my life.

He has appeared on CNN,Fox news,Good morning america,Today,CBS news,Ripleys believe it or not,Fox & friends,All to talk about his wins and there is verification of all his wins on the websites of the lottery companies he had his wins with,Wow.

Seven jackpot wins?Was it skill or just luck?You decide.

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