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Disinfect the most difficult items with this chemical-free method

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Finding disinfectant products these days is like winning the lottery. There was once a time when the cleaning aisles at grocery and box stores weren’t full of empty shelves and signs limiting purchases to one per person. Fortunately, chemicals aren’t the only way to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Ultraviolet light is one of the most effective ways to sanitize and disinfect nearly any surface. Many commercial offices and medical offices use UV light to clean, but household use hasn’t been as common—mostly because it’s not convenient or inexpensive. Utah company Purifying UV is changing the game when it comes to UV disinfection.

Purifying UV of Utah has developed two new products that make sanitation for the most used objects in your day-to-day life easy and effective, giving you peace of mind in knowing you are protected from harmful bacteria.


How does UV light work as a sanitizer?


In the electromagnetic spectrum, there are several types of light not visible to the human eye. These are referred to as, UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A, each with their own wavelengths.

According to the International Ultraviolet Association, “The portion of the UV spectrum (the ‘germicidal’ region) that is important for the disinfection of water and air is the range that is absorbed by DNA (RNA in some viruses). This germicidal range is approximately 200-300nm.”

Essentially, UV Sanitation works by using short-wavelength ultraviolet light that kills germs by disrupting their DNA and destroying nucleic acids. “By doing this, the UV-C light leave germs unable to perform cellular functions that are vital for their survival,” states the PurifyingUV website.

Historically, lamps that contained harmful material like mercury have been the go-to for sterilization of things like water and air. While effective in their sanitation, there have been significant advances made in UV LED technologies, creating smaller, more powerful, efficient, and toxin-free options for UV sterilization at home and the office.

One of the most convenient options for home and office UV sterilization is the UV Light Sanitizer Box.

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How does the UV box work?


About the size of a lunch box, the UV lightbox is perfect for sanitizing home and office objects. Fixed with new UV-C LED technology, you simply put whatever can fit in the box in, zip shut, turn it on, and the UV LED does its thing. The box runs on a three-minute cycle to fully disrupt the DNA of the bacteria and germs but actually begins sterilizing within a few seconds.

The box comes in handy for sterilizing commonly touched items like phones, glasses, keys, wallets, credit cards, purses, and whatever else you can fit in the box, while at home, the office, or even on the road.

For larger items, the box allows you to unzip the lid of the item, and use the lid as a hand-held UV sanitizer, leaving your home, office, vehicle, or other property clean and sanitized. Think computer keyboards, doorknobs, headphones and other commonly-touched objects.


Is it effective?


While the use of a UV lamp sounds easy enough, it’s also very effective in its sanitation.

In a study done in 2016 and published by the American Journal of Infection Control, keyboards were examined before and after the use of UV lamps. Prior to UV treatment, of the 218 keyboards examined, 193 of them were contaminated with various bacterias, with a median of 120 colony forming units (CFU) per keyboard.

After UV treatment, tests revealed more than a 99% reduction in bacteria. That sounds similar to the bottles of chemicals claiming to remove 99.9% of germs—but this method involves no chemicals.

UV lamps have long been used for sanitation, and for good reason. It works! The International Ultraviolet Association states that UV disinfection has been popular for over forty years, especially for water and air. Now with safer LED technology, household use is gaining momentum.

Photo courtesy of Purifying UV


Is it safe?


Unlike the old UV lamps that contain harmful materials like mercury, the UV-C LED technology used in the box is safe to use in the home and in close proximity to people. The sanitizing box even has a safety catch, so if you open the box during a sanitizing cycle, the light will turn off to avoid contact with skin or eyes.

While the UV box is a great way to effectively sanitize your objects and household items, it is not for skin or personal use. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reports that “UV light damages human skin, so it should only be used on objects or surfaces.”

This means that shining a UV light on your skin should not be a substitute for traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizer, soap, and water.

Whether it be your phone, glasses, or keyboard, UV sanitation is an easy, effective, and safe method for sanitation. For more information on the UV sanitizer box by Purifying UV, check out their website.

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