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Disability Insurance for Anesthesiologists

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The practice of medicine has become highly specialized with an increasing number of physicians describing their field by fellowship training or subspecialty. Anesthesiologists can receive certification in pain management, emergency room or critical care medicine, but their subspecialties can be more narrowly focused in such areas as cardiothoracic, obstetric and neurosurgical care all requiring unique skills, training and physical abilities. When protecting their income against a disability, the critical issue for anesthesiologists is whether their insurer truly understands and has the capacity to protect their particular specialty. With the stakes involved, disability insurance for anesthesiologists needs to be as specialized as their field of practice.

Anesthesiology, in all of its forms, involves a range of refined skills and physical capabilities, in addition to intense mental concentration, all working in concert to perform precision tasks. In many cases, an anesthesiologist who, as a result of a disability, is unable to perform the duties in one particular subspecialty may be able to perform in another. For instance, a critical care specialist who can no longer endure the rigors of long hours in an operating room might be able to continue to work in pain management; however, such a transition usually requires time and expense and there is almost certain to be a loss of income.

Specialized Medical Practitioners Need Specialized Disability Coverage

As medicine has become more specialized, disability coverage for physicians has, to great extent, become more generalized to where it can limit the ability of an anesthesiologist to collect disability benefits if he or she is able to work in any other area of anesthesia or medicine. The key determinant is the policy’s use of language to define “total disability” in the context of a specific occupation or specialty. Today, more than ever, medical specialists need to be acutely aware of the policy provisions, especially the scope of its “own occupation” provision and the inclusion (or exclusion) of medical specialty language.
You’ve invested too much time, energy and money in your profession to leave it under-protected. Doctor Disability specializes in obtaining long-term disability income insurance for physicians. Working with a number of disability insurance carriers that recognize the unique nature of medical specialties, our experienced agents can create a customized disability plan that provides the optimum protection anesthesiologists need. Equally important, we can do so in a way that simplifies the whole process while providing you the best value in disability insurance benefits.

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A disability can strike anyone, at any time. Without warning, your income could decrease significantly: would you be ready if the unexpected happened? Find out how to get anesthesiologist disability insurance today by requesting a free disability insurance quote comparison especially prepared for your practice!

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