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Debunking Rumors: Notre Dame de Namur Remains Open

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Debunking Rumors: Notre Dame de Namur Remains Open

By Hela Golden

Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) originated 170 years ago as an all-women’s Catholic college. Now, NDNU is an accredited, private, Catholic, and co-educational university that remains dedicated to education, social justice, and community involvement.

Rooted in social justice, this San Francisco Bay Area establishment encourages students to work toward positive change by addressing societal challenges. NDNU’s campus, located among the beautiful hills of Belmont, California has stayed open.

“Is NDNU Closed?”

Whether good or bad, information spreads quickly in today’s digital world. We want to reassure the community that NDNU remains open.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NDNU acted fast to protect the health and safety of its students. Sadly, as time went on many colleges and universities announced their permanent closures. The Sisters of Notre Dame, our board of trustees, faculty, and staff worked hard in keeping NDNU open. So to answer the common question of “is NDNU closed?”, the short answer is no. NDNU is open for graduate programs and degrees, however the undergraduate school is closed.

Defining the “New Normal”

In 2021, NDNU shifted its educational offerings by predominately focusing on higher education programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 318,100 open executive positions need filling on an annual basis. These statistics confirm the need for experienced leaders.

Not many undergraduate programs expand on leadership skills and critical thinking as a master’s program does. NDNU’s master’s programs cater to working professionals wanting to advance their careers. By focusing on specialized field education, NDNU adapts to the ever-changing demands of industries and employers.

Investing in Your Future Career

Many job postings for higher-level positions have a requirement of a minimum of five years of experience. Employers see a master’s degree as equal to someone with five years of work experience in the field. Instead of waiting for a promotion, going to grad school can accelerate the path to leadership and higher pay. Many individuals who aspire to be leaders can fast-track their journey by pursuing higher education.

NDNU Master’s Programs

Our master’s degree students will graduate with experience and critical thinking skills for their future careers. As times change, we adjust to provide students with a comprehensive and adaptable education. Notre Dame de Namur University is not fully closed, and is open for Master’s Programs with evening courses, in-person classes, 100% online programs, or a hybrid format.

Schools at NDNU

By enrolling for a master’s students can become specialized professionals in their field of choice. NDNU provides master’s programs in Business & Management, Education, and Psychology. There are also two undergraduate programs available in business administration and psychology.

Program Offerings

School of Business & Management (SBM)

SBM offers working adults flexibility with evening classes which are conveniently 8 weeks long. To help with costs, the majority of our textbooks are free of charge.

Students can earn a Master of Science in Business Administration, Public Administration, Technology Management, or STEM. SBM has a business administration bachelor’s degree fully online.

School of Education (SOE)

Our SOE works to develop proficient teachers, specialists, administrators, and community leaders.

Students can attend in person for a master’s of art in Education, School Administration, or Special Education. Single-subject and multiple-subject teaching credentials are also available.

The SOE offers two online master programs: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership, and TESOL.

School of Psychology – Clinical Psychology Department (CPD)

NDNU’s School of Psychology has an emphasis on clinical psychology training, community involvement, and diversity in our instructional approaches.

The CPD trains students to work as licensed counselors (LPCC), marriage and family therapists (MFT), and mental health specialists (MSCP).

Students have the ability to major in all three MSCP/MFT/LPCC. CPD offers an undergraduate degree completion program in partnership with San Mateo Community College District.

Learning Environment

To support student success in their field of choice NDNU provides challenging academic programs, hands-on learning, and knowledgeable faculty.

With an average student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1, each class gives students individualized attention and a supportive learning environment. This ratio is also the same for online program students.

Many of our professors actively work in the field of study that they teach. Not only do they share their knowledge with students but they are also eager to provide mentorship and post-graduate support.

Enrolling with NDNU

NDNU welcomes any and all individuals that are ready to level up their education. We accept applications year around. If you are interested in becoming part of our ever-growing history, you can speak to our Admissions Team.


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