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Cyntergi: Created to Connect Shoppers With the Right Small Business

Cyntergi was created as a small business directory of sorts to connect shoppers to the exact small business that they are looking for. It is easy to navigate for shoppers while being easy to add listings for small businesses. This directory keeps large corporations from interfering with the customer experience. Learn more at


Ellensburg, WA, February 18, 2021- Now, more than ever, small businesses are struggling to connect with their shoppers. Cyntergi was created with small businesses in mind. It acts as a search engine or a business directory that gets shoppers in contact with the right small business.

Customers can search based on their location to get that in-store experience or based on the product that they are looking for to find the perfect gift for someone else or the best product for a specific search query.

“Cyntergi breaks down small business directory listings from around the united states into easy to navigate categories,” says a spokesperson for Cyntergi. “Shoppers can easily find a smaller business with exactly what they are looking for so we can all help support our small business owners!”

Cyntergi is simple and organized, yet functional and affordable. Small business owners can create a Small Business Directory to gain some exposure to a larger customer base without breaking the bank.

“Affordable nationwide exposure through our business directory,” says a spokesperson for Cyntergi. “With a low monthly cost, you can have simple, stress-free exposure to shoppers without having to worry about breaking the bank.”

The sooner you get your business out there, the sooner you will reap the benefits of this convenient small business directory.

“From one small business to another – getting exposure in an ever-expanding internet world is challenging. Here at Cyntergi, we are dedicated to helping bring exposure to the businesses that need it and create a great shopping experience without the competition from large corporations getting in the way of small business success.”

Learn more about how Cytergi can connect shoppers with small businesses and help small businesses gain more exposure at

About Cyntergi: We wanted to create a marketplace that was affordable and dedicated to just small businesses all around the United States. With huge names like Amazon and eBay taking over the internet, we wanted something for the little guys, because small businesses make up the majority of American business. Whether you’re looking for dog toys, pet food, home decor, or even things like school supplies and shoes – there is a small business that makes exactly what you have been looking for!

The struggle is to find them. Most people won’t make it to the 2nd or 3rd page of Google, or several pages deep into Amazon. Those areas are all dominated by a larger corporation. This is why we created Cyntergi – so people can easily find what they are looking for while knowing they will be supporting a small business.

Contact Information:
Name: Joe Heath
Organization: Cyntergi
Address: Ellensburg, WA
Email: [email protected]

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