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Creative Lessons for Kids on What Farmers Do

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It is important to get your children engaged in the world around them. Teaching kids what farmers do can connect them to a different aspect of life that they might not regularly see or experience. Most children’s knowledge about farmers comes from shows and children’s books.

What to Teach Kids About Farms 

Names of farms:

  • A farm that raises and trains horses is called a stable.
  • A farm that produces fruit is called an orchard.
  • A farm that raises dairy cows to produce milk and dairy products is called a dairy farm.
  • A farm that produces grapes is called a vineyard.

Animals on a farm: 

  • Cows
  • Ducks
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Pigs
  • Turkeys
  • Horses
  • Chickens
  • Rabbits

Other things about farms to teach kids: 

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating plants and livestock. A farm is a piece of land used to grow crops and raise animals for produce, while a farmer is someone who works on a farm. Produce is the food created by farming, including meat, vegetables, fruit, and other crops. Farms come in all shapes and sizes, some are very large, and others are very small.

Fun Lessons for Kids About Farms 


Kids love arts and crafts, finding a way to incorporate them into learning is a great way to make the information last. Here are some example art projects you can do with your children to help them learn:

  • Felt sheep: All you need for this activity is white and black felt, scissors, and hot glue. First, cut several circles from the white felt in several different shapes. Then, cut a couple of small oval white felt pieces for the ears and a round piece for the face. Cut rectangles for legs and smaller shapes for the eyes and mouth using the black felt. Once everything is cut out, have your child place the pieces of felt into the shape of a sheep, then hot glue it together for them. While doing this activity, you can teach your child about sheep by telling them things like where they live and what a sheep sounds like.
  • Old MacDonald Farm Animal Puppets: You will need wooden spoons or popsicle sticks with a circle, markers, googly eyes, and glue for this craft. You and your child can make these puppets by drawing the faces of the farm animals with the markers on the circle of the spoon. Additionally, you could add decorative items like wool for the sheep or feathers for the duck. Once you have made the puppets, you can have a puppet show using the farm animals to sing the rhyme “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” After making the puppets, you can explain to your children how farmers must care for their animals and the responsibilities of having a farm.
  • Paper Plate Cow: The materials for this craft are a paper plate, construction paper or card stock, glue, and scissors. First, you will draw shapes for the cow’s ears, nostrils, and spots on black construction paper. Then draw drapes for the nose and inner ears on pink construction paper. Cut out all the shapes and glue the pink inner ear to the black outer ear and the nostrils to the upper part of the nose. Glue the ears, nose, and spots to the plate. Lastly, you can add the eyes by cutting them out of paper or using googly eyes. After you have finished making your paper plate cow with your child, you can teach them about cows by showing them pictures or videos of them mooing.

Farm Songs

  • Most kids already know the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” but there are other nursery rhymes and somes you can sing with your child to teach them about farms. Here are links to a few songs you can play for your child and sing with them.

Real World Farm Experience

  • Visiting a local farm is probably the best way to teach your children about what a farmer does. While there, your child can see farm animals with their own eyes, see the work that must be done in order to maintain the farm and ask the farmer any questions they might have. You could also give your child some hands-on experience with what a farmer does by planting a garden in your yard. This garden can be small, with only a few plants. While growing the garden, you can teach your child the basics of what plants need to live. You could also plant herbs or fruit so your child can eat what they grew.

Reasons to Teach Your Child About Farmer

  1. Farming teaches kids where their food comes from. While learning about farms, you educate your kids on how farmers grow and produce food. They can know how their food comes from the ground to their plate.
  2. Farming teaches kids how to care for animals. Whether you have pets at home or not, your child must know how to care for and treat animals. Taking care of animals is a part of a farmer’s job. Children can learn from farmers about how they look after animals.
  3. Farming teaches kids about responsibility. Farming is a lot of work, and the work farmers do is essential. Learning about a farmer’s work will teach children what it is like to have significant responsibilities and obligations.

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