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How Do You Use CBD Oil? 7 Different Methods

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a great way to find relief for anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, menopause symptoms, insomnia, acne, and many other health concerns. If you’ve decided to start using CBD, great! However, there are still a few questions you need to ask yourself, first. 

For example, which product do you intend on using? How much will you take? How do you use CBD oil?

One in seven Americans already uses CBD oil, though they’re not all using it the same way. Each method delivers CBD into your body differently. Deciding how to use CBD can change what it’s used for and how often you take it.

With this guide, you can find the method that best suits your needs and preference.

Keep reading to discover the answer to the question, “How do you use CBD oil?”

1. Oral (Swallowed)

One of the most popular methods of using CBD oil is to swallow it. The CBD oil will pass through your digestive tract. There, it’s absorbed into the bloodstream before traveling throughout your entire body.

You can take CBD oil for pain, as well as tinctures, capsules, or powders.

This is the slowest option for ensuring CBD travels throughout your bloodstream. AS a result, it can take a while before CBD reaches the area you’re trying to treat. However, this option also keeps the CBD active in your body the longest.

Taking CBD orally is the best option for long-term supplementation.


It’s important to note that food can affect how your body absorbs the CBD. Your body is able to absorb more cannabinoids on a full stomach.

CBD is also fat-soluble. That means consuming a healthy dose of fats can increase the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream. Try choosing a CBD option that contains MCT coconut oil.

Make sure to pay attention to the amount of THC within the product as well. 

When you swallow CBD, it’s first metabolized by your liver before it circulates through the body. This is called first-pass metabolism. If the CBD product contains THC (referred to as “full-spectrum CBD”), it could convert to 11-hydroxy-THC.

This variant of THC is a strong intoxicant. CBD can help counterbalance the high that’s associated with THC. If you’re sensitive to THC, however, look for CBD products from a hemp source.

CBD can also interfere with how your body processes certain drugs. CBD is usually considered safe. However, CBD is capable of lowering your blood pressure. Take precautions if you’re on medications. 

Choosing a topical or inhaled product can help minimize interactions. 

2. Oral (Sublingual)

When you take CBD orally, you’re usually swallowing it immediately. Allowing CBD to sit in your mouth can ensure it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

This method for taking CBD is best for CBD oil and tinctures.

More than 60% of people reported using CBD for medical reasons. If you want to get the strongest form of relief, try taking your CBD sublingually instead of swallowing it. 

With this method, you can absorb the CBD into your bloodstream from capillary-rich areas in your mouth. Try holding the CBD tincture or oil under your tongue. There are also capillary-rich areas in the gums and cheeks.

Learning how to use CBD sublingually will avoid first-pass metabolism. Instead, the CBD will travel throughout your body by bypassing the liver. 

This route will help the CBD travel through your bloodstream faster than the swallowing your method. Holding CBD under your tongue (sublingual) is faster than against the cheek (buccal).


Chewing will increase blood flow in your mouth. This can help increase absorption.

Try to keep the CBD in your mouth for one and a half minutes before swallowing it. You can increase absorption by holding it under your tongue or swishing it in your mouth.

3. Ingested (Gummies)

Some people prefer chewing and swallowing CBD by purchasing gummies. After taking the edible, it’s digested by your liver. Then, the CBD is delivered to your bloodstream and throughout the body.


Remember, chewing can improve your body’s ability to absorb the CBD. Chew instead of suck on your CBD gummies to maximize effects.

4. Topical

How do you use CBD oil as a cream? Topical creams and lotions will diffuse across your skin to reach local targets. If you want to relieve pain in a specific area, try this method.

The timeframe can vary depending on the target.


Little CBD will enter the bloodstream with this method. Many consumers pair topicals with an oral or inhaled CBD product.

5. Ingested (Beverages)

Remember, CBD is better absorbed when you use fatty acids as carriers for the cannabinoids. This allows the cannabinoids to travel faster throughout the body.

Some CBD companies are now creating CBD beverages.


You can also add CBD liquids and tinctures to your own drinks. Try mixing your CBD product with coconut oil or MCT oil for faster effects.

6. Inhalation

How do you use CBD oil that doesn’t involve ingestion? If you’re a fan of vape pens or dabs, try inhaling your CBD instead.

When you inhale the CBD it will pass into the lungs, then rapidly into the bloodstream. Inhaling the CBD will help you avoid first-pass metabolism. 

This is the fastest way to get CBD to circulate throughout your system. However, it’s also effective for the shortest amount of time. You might not experience effects for longer than 10 minutes.

If you want fast results, consider buying a CBD vape pen.


Your inhalation technique could impact results. Use the vaporizer for the first half of your inhalation. Then, finish your inhalation with a breath of fresh air.

Your hardware can make a difference, too. Look for pens with ceramic heating elements for a cleaner vapor.

7. Transdermal

Skin patches, or transdermal patches, deliver CBD through your skin. Unlike topical lotions or creams, these patches cross the dermal barrier. This allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream.

Then, the CBD is activated by your body heat and delivered over a period of time.


Look for reservoir patches. These patches offer a little more control, allowing you to receive a steady amount of CBD over the span of a few hours.

How Do You Use CBD Oil?: 7 Methods for You to Choose From

How do you use CBD oil? Really, the method is up to you. Take the time to review this guide and the considerations mentioned above before making your choice.

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