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Creating Connections: TGCon Live 2020 Agenda

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Barb Stuckey, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Mattson, will kick off TGCon Live with a keynote addressing the latest food industry trends and insights and her guidance for achieving brand success through innovation in the months and years ahead.

Barb and her team at Mattson, a company that helps CPG companies develop new products from concept creation to commercialization, recently surveyed industry leaders to learn more about their attitudes and perspectives.

The good news is that most survey respondents are approaching innovation in a new way, and more than two-thirds either work on new concepts or develop new products. Just don’t look for many new products to hit grocery shelves in the near term, since about two-thirds of those surveyed also indicated that 2020 launches have been delayed, canceled, or linger in limbo. But in these uncertain times, standing still is not an option and Barb, and the other speakers lined up for TGCon Live 2020, stand ready to share hard-won best practices and advice.

Creating Connections

With the combination of people working remotely, social distancing, trade show cancellations, and travel bans, connecting is crucial now. It’s amid this isolation that we’re hosting TGCon Live 2020, a complimentary online event for the TraceGains community and the broader food and beverage, supplements, and CPG industries. The live event occurs Aug. 18-20, 2020, allowing attendees to create custom schedules that work best for them.

The theme for this year’s conference is Creating Connections. We’ve all experienced how much easier it is to work with people we know. And science proves it: a Harvard study revealed that face-to-face interactions are 34 times more effective than email. TGCon brings everyone in the TraceGains community together: suppliers, experts, customers, and partners to develop personal connections and stronger business relationships. And because of the new online format, we’ve invited everyone in the industry to participate for the first time.

Hosted on Pathable, the leading digital event platform, this interactive conference will feature a variety of live sessions:

  • Roundtable discussions.
  • Expert-led panel discussions.
  • Thought-leadership keynotes.
  • Customer best practice sessions.
  • Solutions spotlights.
  • Certificate training.

And the event platform enables collaboration by facilitating networking and one-on-one meetings so attendees can expand their networks and make lasting connections.

The Daily TGCon Live Agenda:

  • *Keynote Sessions (10 AM MT): Join our keynote sessions to gain cutting-edge insights on the latest industry trends so you can innovate faster and generate more business value.
  • Customer Use Cases (11 AM MT): Learn how others in the industry are solving business challenges and discover new techniques to achieve similar results.
  • Roundtable Discussions (noon MT): Watch a panel of experts tackle challenging and timely topics to gain insight from industry thought leaders.
  • Expert Sessions (1 PM MT): Dive deep into murky issues that keep many people in the industry up at night to gain expert guidance on how to succeed.
  • Solution Spotlights (2 PM MT): Uncover the value of TraceGains solutions by seeing them in action with technical experts to answer your questions.

*Keynote sessions on days two and three of the conference are limited to TraceGains customers and suppliers only.

We listened to customer feedback and created a flexible three-day event designed for participants to customize so they can choose the sessions, one-on-one meetings, and learning opportunities that work best for them. If people have scheduling conflicts, it’s not a problem. While they’ll miss out on live Q&A opportunities, all sessions are available on-demand after the event.

See the complete agenda here.

Save Your Spot for TGCon Live 2020 

Make sure to save your spot for TGCon Live on Aug. 18-20, for industry-specific presentations, training, roundtables, networking, and more. Register here.

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