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How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

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Fillings provide an essential means of restoring your tooth after you suffer decay. Through this highly common dental service, your dentist helps you maintain the healthy function of your tooth. But many people wonder, “How long does a cavity filling take?” What is the process of getting a filling? Where can I find the dental cavity filling Columbus Ohio provides?

The Process of Getting a Filling

Beyond that question of how long does a cavity filling take, we all like to know what is happening while we sit in the dentist’s chair. You hear strange sounds, feel a lot of activity in your mouth, yet cannot see the process as it happens. So what is the process of getting a dental cavity filling?

Dentists fill cavities easily. They spend much of each workday providing this important dental service, so a typical dentist has a great deal of experience. This is because fillings are one of the more common general dentistry services. You can relax for your cavity filling, as your dentist knows what he or she is doing.

The first step in filling a cavity is numbing your mouth where the treatment will take place. The dentist uses a local anesthetic like lidocaine for this, delivered into your gums through a very thin needle. You only feel a slight pinch, so this part of the process does not hurt. When the area around your tooth is numb, the dentist starts preparing to fill your tooth’s cavity.

The next step involves a dental drill or laser. This is the time when you hear a high-pitched electrical tool and feel some vibrations in your mouth. You feel no pain as the dentist uses the drill to remove decayed tissue from your tooth. The dentist shapes the cavity to prepare it for the filling.

After this preparation, your dentist applies filling materials called gutta percha. Once this filling is in place, a special light shined on the material hardens it. Your dentist then polishes the filling to smooth it and make it feel like your other teeth, without any sharp edges.

How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

These common restorations take only a short period of time for completion. You can expect to spend about an hour in the dentist’s office for a typical filling.

Another important question is how long does a cavity filling take to feel normal and pain-free? The good news is your filling shouldn’t hurt. You possibly feel some soreness or a dull aching where the dentist filled your tooth. However, you can get back to your regular daily routine, with the exception of some foods and drinks you should avoid until the next day.

A cavity filling only takes an hour in most cases. Then you just need to take it easy in eating and drinking until the next day.

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