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Couples Advice: How to Introduce Toys Into the Bedroom

Spicing up your sex life can be as easy as incorporating sex toys. Unfortunately, this topic can be hard to talk about with your partner. But talking about great sex shouldn’t be taboo, especially in this day and age.

So if you’re ready to break these stereotypes, keep reading this article for some great couples advice on sexual health.

Why Sex Toys Can Be a Hard Discussion

The initial marketing of sex toys was targeted toward “lonely” and single women. As marketing and sexual norms change, sex toys are being designed for all kinds of people.

Nowadays, sex toys are great for anyone regardless of their gender preference and relationship status. Overall,  sex toys are great for spicing up your relationship because they provide a service that humans just can’t match. 

1. Don’t Be Shy

Take back control of your sex life and start talking to your partner about your needs. This conversation doesn’t have to be intimidating or criticizing. Simply tell your partner about your interests in bed. 

Rember to ask them about their interest as well. Sex toys are just a one-way street, they can also help your partner achieve an orgasm.

2. Make a Plan of Action

Before buying any sex toys, make sure your partner feels comfortable. Pulling out sex toys in the middle of sex, without your partner’s consent can make them feel insecure.

Instead, make a plan for when adult toys can be used. This way your partner isn’t caught off guard and doesn’t think you’re randomly pulling up a sex toy because you’re not satisfied.

3. Shop With Your Partner 

Once your partner agrees to use sex toys, start shopping with them. There are different toys for male and female pleasure. Shop with your partner to ensure you both get what you need!

4. Work with Your Partner

Remember that using sex toys is just for one person’s pleasure. Work with your partner during sex so that you both reach orgasm. Bringing sex toys into your bedroom should feel natural and easy!

5. Incorporate Role Playing

Sex toys shouldn’t be the only new thing you incorporate. You can also ease into a new sex life by doing some fun role play with your partner.

Not to mention, roll play has been proven to stimulate a person’s creativity during sex. By improving creativity and stimulation, the process of sex becomes easier and more enjoyable!

6. Learn How to Use Them Together 

Sometimes sex toys can be a little complicated but learning is part of the fun! Ask your partner to practice a new toy on you or themselves. This way, your partner still feels incorporated.

Most of the time, partners feel like a sex toy is a replacement for them. However, here is some sex advice that you might not know: a sex toy is supposed to be equally shared and loved!

The Best Couples Advice 

Now that you’ve read our bests couples advice, it’s time to take action! Remember to stay open to your partner’s feelings and desires.

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