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Cornerstone Therapy PLLC Is Serving Christian, Slavic Men & Women by Healing Relationships and Past Trauma

Cornerstone Therapy PLLC is owned by Ilona Mikhalchuk, a bilingual (Russian and English) Christian therapist who uses spiritually integrated therapy to help Christians with issues like depression, family and spiritual conflict, and physical or sexual trauma.


Post Falls, ID, March 17, 2022 — “You have no place here,” plays over and over in your head, a painful memory of being rejected by the church. Even though you left the traditional Russian sanctuary that has been your lifeline since childhood, the oppressive messages still haunt you. You’ve removed your kasinka and started attending City Hill, but the Slavic way of worship and praying in your native language are missing. You go home with a lonely heart after Sunday services. Your week is no longer packed with Bible studies, prayer nights, and yacheiki. The rift between you, your family and friends widens by the day. Even worse, you feel forsaken by God. Luckily for you, Cornerstone Therapy PLLC is serving Christian, Slavic men and women by healing relationships and past trauma.

Lonely doesn’t even begin to describe how Ilona Mikhalchuk felt when she immigrated from Ukraine to America. So, she knows by her own experience that expressing these feelings out loud is terrifying since your image is tainted, and your former pastor and fellow members can call you weak. You feel wounded, angry, abandoned; you’re at a breaking point. The thing is that as a first-generation immigrant, you’ve been told that therapy is not for Christians, but since you’ve tried everything else, what do you have to lose? So if you feel identified with Ilona’s words, let’s begin by saying that you’re definitely not alone.

As a Christian, bilingual therapist, Mikhalchuk will walk with you on this journey of healing as you restore your relationship with God and yourself. From her own experience by growing up in a Slavic community, she had revealed aspects of life that left a great impact. From family secrets to trauma and stress-related illnesses, Ilona realized that family dynamics and mental health play a significant role in one’s emotional development and life’s journey. That’s why as a vessel used by Christ, she will work to equip you with the necessary tools to help you face and overcome your challenges. And whether you’re struggling with sexual trauma, self-worth, or a hurting marriage, you must know you don’t have to be alone in this journey; this Russian Christian therapist is ready to help you. Remember that Christ gave His life so you can have the strength to overcome these struggles and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Among her offered services, you’ll be able to find:

  1. EMDR therapy in South Carolina: This is integrative psychotherapy and uses a technique called bilateral stimulation to repeatedly activate opposite sides of the brain. Therapists often use eye movements to facilitate bilateral stimulation. These eye movements mimic the period of sleep referred to as rapid eye movement or REM sleep, and this portion of sleep is frequently considered to be the time when the mind processes the recent events in the person’s life.
  2. Biblical counselling: Because you can heal your mind as well as your soul.
  3. Counselling for trauma.
  4. Emotion-focused therapy.
  5. Telehealth.
  6. Therapy for depression.

Follow your curiosity by scheduling a consult call today, and visit to find out more about her CBT telehealth in South Carolina and her other top-quality offered services.

Contact Info:

Name: Ilona Mikhalchuk
Organization: Cornerstone Therapy PLLC
Address: 5870 W GUMWOOD CIR, POST FALLS, ID, 83854-8228
Phone: 509-280-1176

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