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Have You Heard? Copper Has Health Benefits

What’s the first thing to comes to your mind when you think of copper? While most of us think of a red metal used to create many objects, did you know that it’s also a metallic element essential to our health?

Since our bodies don’t actively produce copper, the only way to consume it is through our diet and the foods we eat. Adults should be consuming around 1.5 mg to 2.5 mg of copper per day.

Copper is a catalyst for our normal metabolic processes and it combines with proteins to make sure our bodies are functioning properly. With too much or too little of it, we can suffer serious health issues.

If you’re experiencing weakness or energy loss, maybe it’s time to take a look at you copper intake. Read on for copper’s serious health benefits.

It stimulates the brain

Copper plays a huge role in brain functionality and your thinking processes. Too much of it could cause health problems and too little of it can cause abnormalities.

The myelin sheaths are an essential part of the nervous system in your brain and copper helps in producing and rebuilding these. This will ultimately impact how alert and fast you’re able to process information.

It’s also said to promote unique out-of-the-box thinking.

It soothes joint pain

Have you ever heard of people wearing copper compression socks or clothing? They do this because copper is known to increase circulation and in return, soothe your joint pain.

Cooper is said to increase the elasticity in your feet and contribute to the growth of lost cartilage. On swollen and sore joints, copper will work wonders.

It strengthens hair, nails, and skin

Copper is a critical component in a nutrient called melanin, which promotes hair, nails and skin growth and coloration. When melanin and copper work together, they create an enzyme called tyrosinase.

This keeps your hair healthy and lessens your chances of hair thinning and grays forming. It keeps your skin smooth and flexible and lessens your chances of developing wrinkles.

It helps absorb iron

One of copper’s most important health benefits is that it helps with the absorption of iron and in doing so, maintains proper red blood cell count.

It makes sure iron and sugar are distributed evenly throughout your body. Ultimately, copper promotes proper iron levels and decreases your chances of iron deficiency.

It prevents premature aging

Copper fights diseases that form from premature aging like arthritis. It creates anti-inflammatory actions and these are what assist in fighting arthritis.

But, it doesn’t just stop here. Copper also helps with your normal growth and health in general.

It has been demonstrated to improve cardiovascular health, opening up blood vessels and preventing blockage that could lead to heart attacks.

It supports digestion

Lastly, copper is known to kill bacteria and viruses. Ultimately, it can kill infections lurking around in your body.

As a result, this boosts your immune system and helps your body defend itself.

Consuming the right amounts of copper can also help your body’s digestive processes work more smoothly. It awakens the muscles and allows waste to travel through the body much faster.

There’s more — copper leads to many other health benefits like balancing the thyroid, supporting the liver and spleen, boosting energy, reducing cholesterol, and helping form connective tissues.

Hopefully now you understand why this simple metal is so important for your health!

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